Top 10 Destinations to Visit in Maharashtra During Winter


Colds in Maharashtra are never as harsh as they are in the northern states. But this doesn’t stop the fun-loving Maharashtrians from enjoying the many charms of winters, particularly, staging mind-relaxing getaways. Within the state, there is no shortage of places to enjoy a few days of the cold in. In this article, we have listed ten that you should definitely visit.

1. Mahabaleshwar

Image – Nishanth Jois via Flickr

Mahabaleshwar is an old hill station known for its scenic beauty and many vantage points. There are many points like the Arthur’s Seat, offering an encompassing view of the Jor Valley, the Elphinstone Point, or the Wilson Point, which is the highest (~1400 metres) on this vast plateau spread over 150 kilometres. Nearby, in the Old Mahabaleshwar you can find a number of ancient temples like the Old Mahabaleshwar Temple, or the Panchganga Temple. Most importantly, Mahabaleshwar is also the source of the river Krishna.

2. Panchgani

Image – Ramnath Bhat via Flickr

This beautiful hill station is located about 100 kilometres from Pune, sitting in the middle of five mountains of the Sahyadri Range. Remarkably, the volcanic plateau in Panchgani, known locally as “Table Land” is the second highest in Asia. It is an extension of the Deccan Plateau. Among popular spots are the Sydney point, which offers a stunning view of the Dhom Dam Lake, and the Parsi Point that provides a vantage of the Krishna River Valley.

3. Chikhaldara

Image – Rajesh Shende via Flickr

Chikhaldara is a famous hill station in the Amravati District, located 230 kilometres from Nagpur. This place has a fair share of beautiful landscapes, lakes, waterfalls, and wildlife. Also situated nearby is the Melghat Tiger Reserve that has a sizeable population of Bengal Tigers (around 41 in 2017), along with 80 other mammalian species. Shakkar and Kalapani are the two prominent lakes.

4. GaganBawda

Image –

Located less than 300 kilometres from Pune is the small hill town of Gagan Bawda. If you take a detour to 60 kilometres north, for Mudagad Fort, or similar distance south for Shivgad Fort, you will find soul-quenching trekking opportunities in the misty Western Ghats. Among the must-see spots here are the Gagangad Fort, the Karul Ghat, and the Bhuibawada Ghat.

5. Bhandardara

Image – Neeraj Tripathi via Flickr

This lakeside paradise is located in the Ahmednagar district. Lake Arthur is a hotspot for camping enthusiasts and there are many treks leading to and from it, like the Kalsubai Peak Trek. Around 7 kilometres from the camping site, one can experience water falling from 170 feet at the Randha Falls of the Pravara river. Maharashtra’s highest peak is also in Bhandardara- the Cenozoic-era Kalsubai, with a modest elevation of 1645 metres, is roughly 13 kilometres by road from Lake Arthur, and is easily accessible by trek. When you have the latest Makemytrip coupons & cashback offers, there are all the more reasons to visit this place.

6. Alibag

Kolaba fort; Image Abhiram Katta via Flickr

Located just 100 kilometres south of Mumbai, this coastal town is known for its beaches, like the Nagaon Beach or the Varsoli Beach. Another attraction is the Kanakeshwar forest, and with its up close animal encounters, it makes a great place for a leisurely trek with family. The seventeenth century Kolaba Fort is also a popular tourist destination.

7. Ganpatipule

Image – Hasnain Ali via Flickr

Ganpatipule can be easily defined by its clean beaches. The Ganpatipule beach, lined with resorts, and the Ganpatipule Temple, is a perfect place to marvel at the Arabian Sea. There is also ample provision for water sports enthusiasts. Arey Ware is to the north of the Ganpatipule and is less crowded, particularly during the winters. Further north is the Malgund beach.

8. Igatpuri

Image – Priyan Nithya via Flickr

Another in the long list of Western Ghat hill stations is the isolated town of Igatpuri. This place is sure to provide you with a peaceful environment. Among the places to visit is the centuries-old Tringalwadi Fort, and the Ashoka Falls, which is surrounded by lush hills.

9. Toranmal

Image – Vivek Thomas via Flickr

Located in the Satpura Ranges, this humble hill station is as serene as it is beautiful. There are two lakes in the vicinity, the Yashwant Lake that spans over 1.5 kilometers, and the Lotus Lake that gets laden lotus flowers during the blossom season. Other attractions include the the Sita Khai waterfall.

10. Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve

Image – Wildnest via Flickr

This reserve was formed in 1995, as part of ‘project tiger’, and encompasses the Tadoba National Park and the Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary. The 625 square kilometres of lush green forests are dotted by the towns of Chimur, Moharali, and Kosla that are full of luxury wildlife resorts. On a wildlife safari, if you’re lucky you may spot one of the 88 Bengal Tigers, or you can witness the biodiversity marked by birds like the crested serpent eagle, and reptiles like the endangered Indian Star Tortoise.

So if you’re planning a long winter vacation, or a short getaway, you know which places should be on your list. Don’t forget to get the Latest Coupons and Offers from DesiDime.


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