Top 5 Best Holiday Destinations in Maldives


The Maldives is undoubtedly a lucrative destination for all types of travelers. Consisting of numerous exclusive and eye-relaxing destinations, Maldives has always stolen tourists’ hearts. Be it honeymoon trips or family vacations, Maldives has all flavors to offer. If you’re planning to have a refreshing trip to the Maldives, you firstly need to shortlist the destinations you want to visit directly. It’s impossible to cover all the attractions of the Maldives in a single trip. So, you need to figure out which locations you can’t miss visiting at any cost. Does that sound confusing? Well, in this article, we are suggesting the top destinations that you can’t keep out of your Maldives trip plan.

COMO Cocoa Island

Image – Wikimedia

You can’t afford to exclude this exceptional island if you want to make your trip worth remembering. Besides the scenic white sand beaches of this heavenly island, the presence of luxurious cottages and villas make this island the perfect holiday destination for couples. You get the chance to experience overwater living as you book a charismatic villa on this outrageous island. The serene ambiance of the island, alongside mesmerizing sunrise and sunrise views, will take your mind to another world. So, this is an obvious choice if you’re eager to spend some peaceful days with your partner closer to nature.

Baros Island

Image – Nattu/Flickr

All Maldives tour package prioritize Baros Island due to its alluring environment. You can turn down the elegant visual appeal of this island. Staring at the azure sea while sipping delicious desserts will freshen up your soul entirely. Apart from that, the top-notch services of the resort on this island will also please you and your partner. As you visit this amazing destination, you’re bound to achieve inner satisfaction. Therefore, we suggest you keep this outstanding location at the top of your preference list.

Mihiri Island

Image – Wikimedia

The lush greenery of this special beach island will leave you spellbound for sure. Spending your holiday amidst the greenery of this island while having your eyes on the calm tides will make you lose track of time. If you want to spend some splendid days while keeping your mobile and other tech devices away, this location is perfect for you. Most villas and cottages of this island maintain tech-detox environments with no television or Wi-fi facility. No doubt that spending some relaxing days on this fascinating island must be your choice as you visit the Maldives.

Halaveli Island

Image – Mac Qin/Flickr

This is another fabulous island that can overwhelm you with its out-of-the-box beauty. You feel a soothing and calming vibe wherever you go on the island. From exotic sea views to mind-whelming greenery, this island consists of everything you would like to enjoy. Besides that, the royal services of the villas and resorts of this island will enhance your overall trip experience. Almost every resort on this island has a separate swimming pool, plunge pool, and beautiful garden. Naturally, this island must be your choice for spending some amazing days with your friends and family.

Whale Submarine

As you visit this exciting destination, you will get the opportunity to have an underwater tour in a submarine. The submarine will take you to a deep layer of the sea where you can witness coral reefs and other underwater creatures. This activity is especially engaging for kids. However, adults can take part in this special activity. Exploring astounding underwater creatures will be a thrilling experience for you and your family indeed. So, never miss out on visiting this spectacular destination, and make sure you arrange a submarine trip for you and your partner too.

So, these are the splendors of Maldives that you can’t exclude from your Maldives trip plan. Each of the destinations mentioned above has some unique and attractive features to engage visitors. However, there are other destinations too that are worth visiting. Majeedhee Magu, National Museum, Tsunami Monument, Artificial Beach, Dhigu Island, Rangali Island, Huvahendhoo Island are some phenomenal destinations that you may like to visit if you have enough time and money in hand. But if you want to plan a concise trip, the locations mentioned above are the ultimate choices for you. So, pack your bags, plan your trip properly and set your steps towards the Maldives.

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