Top Indian Travel Bloggers Who Inspire the Wanderlust in Us


Author –Pranjali Rautela


“Travelling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” –Ibn Battuta

India is synonymous with diversity, culture, heritage, and the exotic. It has produced travellers who inspire the wanderlust in all of us. They sow the belief that life is not meant to be lived in one place, that the world is a book, and every chapter is waiting to be read. They give travelogues such a creative spin that an urge to break away from the monotony of life is developed. You suddenly want to break free and liberate yourself from the nine to five run-of-the-mill job that is slowly taking you to your grave.

For all those who are tired of the mundane city life, here is a list of top Indian travel bloggers who can provide you with soul soup to feel alive AGAIN!

Shivya Nath


Shivya was fortunate enough to realize her passion at the age of 23. Shivya is an independent woman who quit her corporate job in 2011 to turn into a full time traveller. She funds her trips with the money she earns from her blogs. She writes about less travelled destinations and through her blog posts she shares her journey and gives tips on how to experience the local life.

In 2013 Shivya was awarded the ‘Best Travel Blogger’ at the Indian Blogger Awards. She has been an inspiration for a lot of women who love to take a solo trip.

Sankara Subramanian


“I am one of those who feel at home when I am on the road. Travel is my life. It is my career. It is my passion. And it is my inspiration.”

Having travelled to all seven continents, Sankara is recognized as one of the best travel bloggers. He started travelling in 2009 with the aim of sharing his passion for globetrotting with the world. Since then he has been living his dream!

In his early 30s, Sankara took a motorbike trip covering all of India. His blog is a complete guide as it covers all the A-Z requirements of travelling. He gives tips from backpacking to budgeting to planning and even includes some really handy visa tips. His travel articles have been featured in National Geographic Traveller India Magazine and Deccan Chronicle newspaper.

Siddhartha Joshi


While sitting in Almora, this man was already inspiring his family and friends through his travel stories when he thought of gathering a wider audience. He decided to use his excellent photography skills which make his blog stands out. His photographs have even been featured in Huffington post. Siddharth is one of the most followed travel bloggers and he has been nominated for several awards.

He strongly believes that only travelling can break barriers, be it cultural or religious. He has a wish to travel all around the world without a visa or passport. In his blog ‘Sid-the wanderer’ he has shared his travel stories from around the world. The article ‘Portraits from Pakistan’ is worth a read as it changed my perspective of Pakistan.  This man is already breaking barriers, at least the mental ones.

Laxmi Sharath


A travel blog of an Indian backpacker comprises travel stories from inside and outside India. Laxmi quit her media career to pursue Vagabondism twelve years ago. She has credited her mother with discovering the travelling ‘keeda’ in her. As a kid she was someone who was always restless and wanted to go places. She always had a flair for writing and that pushed her in the direction of blogging.

Her blog mostly revolves around India and its rich heritage. She is a villager at heart and loves to write about the places you can’t find on the map. The urge to meet people, understand cultures and discover something new is what keeps her motivated. All of this is reflected in her writing. She is known and followed widely and is often mentioned as one of the top 100 travel bloggers in the world.

Mridula Dwivedi


Mridula started the blog in 2005 and the blog drew the attention of both BBC and Guardian. She has always been passionate about it and writes about her experiences on her blog. She was inspired by her sister and brother who are bloggers themselves.

Professor by profession, she loves to travel and her blog portrays her Indian roots. The article ‘Mandir se Masjid takk’ is worth a read. In December 2010, she was featured in a National Geographic Skoda Yeti video. Her blog was honored as the ‘best travel Indi-blog’ at the India Weblog Awards in 2007.

Ankita Sinha


Ankita has visited 17 countries and 24 states and she achieved this in the short span of 3 years. She was an IT professional but her passion for travel made her take the bold decision to quit her job. Her purpose is to spread knowledge while she is on the move. She posts several stories, interviews, travel videos; she can also help you style yourself while you are on the move.

Her posts have been published and appreciated in Fox traveller, Outlook Traveller, The Hindu and many others. The blog has won two awards in the field of travel and sports.

Anuradha Goyal


Anuradha Goyal, an innovation consultant by profession, is a household name when we talk about travel-blogging. She has been blogging about her trips for over a decade now. Inditales is a collection of travel experiences from the various cities of India.

Prasad NP


Travelling completes me….Made me patient and helped appreciate the diversity we have with people living in different places….I hope to leave the planet in better shape than it is today!”
Travelling helped Prasad get out of the rat race. With time, he also mastered the art of multitasking. He juggles between being a blogger, photographer and an entrepreneur. He is an inspiration for all those who think that travelling is not for those who have regular jobs.

His blog is true to its name and has a lot of “desi stories” that boast about the beauty and diversity of India. His blog is filled with pictures where a single glance gives you goose bumps. He has posts that cater to all kind of travellers. Whether you are travelling solo or with family, you just need to refer his blog.

Deepti Asthana


Sitting in a corporate cubical, photography happened to her. The camera has taken her to places she never thought would make up to her bucket list. Plan-Travel-Click-Repeat is her funda! Her blog is the one with the finest pictures. The pictures are so full of life that you can almost hear them talk. The passion truly does the work for her!

I would call her a woman with purpose. Her project “WOI” takes you to the heart of the Indian society and tells you stories about the women. She is trying her best to bring in the little change she can through her writings.

Madhu Shetty


Madhu Shetty wants you to spread your wings and fly with her as an independent traveller. A designer turned wanderer, she inspires people who think it’s too late to pursue their dreams. She ignites the long lost passion that you sacrificed for the rat race. The blog space is full of variety with little or no redundancy! You will find tips that will come in handy when you plan your trip. I mean now I know that I can try Airbnb without being apprehensive after she has given it a thumbs-up!

I must say that has the best layout which makes you surf with ease. It is also full of travel quotations to motivate you to ditch the couch.

The list might never end because there are a number of talented bloggers who have tried to cover the entire world in their blog space. It is not possible to collect all the talent in this just one post. These people are so inspiring that you should stop hoarding those extra calories, pack your bags and take the next flight to wherever your heart points!

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