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Wayanad is emerging as a famous tourist hotspot of Kerala. A State that was once visited mainly for incredible coastal beauty and beaches is now being visited for its hill stations. A significant part of the Western Ghats lies in Kerala, and Wayanad is a gem of that part. It is teeming with exotic flora and fauna and mighty waterfalls. It has caves dating back to the early civilizations. You can roam in the pristine jungles and witness the tigers on the prowl. Camping, forest walks, plantation tours, organic farming, tree houses, and riding on the waves – the list of adventures and activities to do at Wayanad is really long!

Well, if you are also intrigued by this place, then we have got an impressive list of the best places to stay. Read the list and choose the site that aligns with your wishes and preferences. Wayanad cottages are famous for being a perfect mix of rustic and modern elements. Also, you can find an ample number of Resorts in Wayanad with activities and Wellness Centres. 

So, find out the best places to stay in Wayanad and make your trip a hit!

What does Wayanad Offer?

#1 – Edakkal Caves:

The Edakkal Caves have been home to the Neolithic Civilization and attract thousands of tourists every year. The caves have etchings and drawings of humans and animals. These markings are yet to be deciphered. The surrounding scenery is mesmerizing. You have to take a mountain route to reach the caves. This is why it forms a crucial part of many trekking trips.

#2 – Soochipara Waterfalls:

Located in the Velarimala Hills, Soochipara Waterfalls is one of the most prominent tourist hotspots in Wayanad. The site is famous for rock climbing as well. Hence, it is loved by the nature-lovers and adventurers alike. 

#3 – Meenmutty Falls:

This waterfall is accessible after a hike from the Wayanad-Ooty Road. There are three tiers in it. You can enjoy fun-filled time with your friends and family. However, we suggest avoiding it during the rainy season.

#4 – Phantom Rock:

Roughly resembling the shape of a human skull, this is a naturally-formed metamorphic rock structure. It is precisely located in Ambalavayal. You can enjoy rock-climbing, hiking and camping in the region. During the spring season, the valley becomes a carpet of wildflowers and vegetation.

#5 – Chembra Peak:

It is the highest hill in the region with a small hear-shaped lake and plenty of greenery. It forms an exciting place for camping, hiking, and sightseeing. There is a waterfall in the vicinity that adds to the charm of this place. 

#6 – Kuruva Island:

Kuruvadweep or Kuruva Island is a 950-acre protected river delta. It comprises three densely wooded uninhabited islands and a few submergible satellite islands, which lies on the banks of the tributaries of Kabini River in the Wayanad district, Kerala, India. These are the mangrove islands that are famous for boating tours. You can witness the exotic flora, orchids, and evergreen forests here.

#7 – Pookode Lake:

Here you can enjoy boating and sightseeing. The beautiful freshwater lake in Wayanad, Pookode Lake lays 15 kilometres away from Kalpetta. Nestled between evergreen forest and the Western Ghats, the lake is spread over 13 acres and is 40 m deep. This is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Wayanad.

#8 – Muthanga and Tholpetty:

These places are famous for witnessing the incredible wildlife of Wayanad. From safaris that bring you inside the habitats of tigers and elephants, to the forest walks – you can enjoy many things. 

How to reach Wayanad?

Wayanad- Western Ghats

You can reach Wayanad via the following means of transport:

  • By Air – Karipur International Airport at Kozhikode
  • By Rail – Kozhikode Railway Station (110 KM)
  • By Bus – KSRTC buses provide an efficient and fast transport in and around Wayanad. There are many super fast buses as well.

Rest, you can find all kinds of transportation in Wayanad. 

Best places to stay in Wayanad:

Now, let us read about the best places to stay in Wayanad. These places offer lots of resorts in Wayanad with activities. You can also find Premium and Luxury Wayanad Cottages that are hidden in the green cover of the region. So, you must plan your stay at one of these places to witness and experience the real beauty of Wayanad.

#1 – Kalpetta:

Kalpetta is the main town of Wayanad that offers all kinds of accommodations and restaurants. The 3 major tourist attractions are Soochipara Waterfalls, Kanthapara Waterfalls and Meenmutty Waterfalls.

Chembra Peak is located just 10 KM away from Kalpetta. Boating in Pookode Lake and shopping in the local market are the other enjoyable activities you can do in Kalpetta.

If you have time, you can also visit a lovely manmade marvel – Banasura Dam. It is just 24 KM away from the city and is loaded with beauty. Banasura Waterfall is a mandatory visit in the region. The scenic splendour there is the stuff dreams are made of!

#2 – Sulthan Bathery:

It is a hub of the finest and the best Resorts in Wayanad with activities and Wayanad Cottages. You can explore the ruins of Jain Temple, Edakkal Caves, Muniyara and Muthanga Wildlife Reserves. There are lots of resorts with wellness centres that have everything – natural beauty, facilities and luxury. You can also be a part of various adventurous activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, camping and Tribal area visit etc.

#3 – Mananthavady:

This is where the Kuruva Islands are located. This is an eco-island that spreads over more than 900 acres. The islands are located 17 KM away from the mainland and are accessible via rafts. One major thing about raft travelling is that rowing is done with the help of ropes. There are no oars and ropes are fastened to the trees to row the rafts. Pakshipathalam, the tomb of Pazhazzi Raja and ‘Boys’ town are the other major attractions here. 

So, these are the best places and attractions of Wayanad. When are you planning to explore them?

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