The Exhilarating Experience of Trekking in Tamil Nadu!


Tamil Nadu is certainly a mesmerizing state concerning its art, culture, heritage, and cuisine but did you know that it is also a paradise for adventure lovers? Tamil Nadu’s topography and geographical landscapes, apart from contributing to its lovely scenic beauty, also make it a great destination for thrilling the endeavor that is trekking. Furthermore, the treks are great, especially great for amateurs, new to the same, as they are generally shorter in length. Additionally, these treks will provide you with the perfect opportunity to get in some exercise before starting your day, plus the breathtaking view doesn’t hurt. Check out some of the best trekking destinations for those desiring thrill in Tamil Nadu.

1. Siruvani Waterfalls

Trekking places in Tamil Nadu-Siruvani Waterfalls

This is a trekking spot that comes highly recommended, especially for one longing to go out on a nature expedition. That’s because the Siruvani Waterfalls will allow you to take a trip among the wild with dense trees all around you, the entrancing waterfall and how can our main highlight, that is the trek go without mention? Located in the city of Coimbatore, the water of the namesake reservoir is known for its sweetness. Trekking upon the cliff is fairly dangerous and so most people prefer to go up to the waterfall to then bathe and enjoy the water and view.

2. Perumal Peak

Image – Wikimedia

Situated in Kodaikanal, the place is described as a haven for any trekking enthusiast and is definitely a must-visit. Why? That’s actually quite simple. A place with exceptional weather, amazing views with beauty and serenity at its best, and the thrill of trekking as the added bonus, who wouldn’t want to visit a place like that? The entire trek is full of excitement as your efforts all build-up to the moment you reach the top of the mountain and look down at the world and the feeling is simply indescribable. You can also extend your satisfaction by camping out there.

3. Kolli Hills

Trekking places in Tamil Nadu-Kolli Hills

The trek of Kolli Hills is perfect for anyone looking to escape into nature or travel the road not taken for this is a fairly secluded trek. Being a Western Ghats trek, greenery all around is something to be expected. However, to much of a surprise, the vegetation, and topography differ from the same. The currents of the river ever-flowing simply enhance your experience with this trek and again, nothing beats the satisfaction of reaching to the top and touching the waterfall, your fitting prize after having successfully conquered this route.

4. Parvathamalai

Trekking places in Tamil Nadu-Parvathamalai Mountain
Image/Martin Ehrensvard/Flickr

This is a place that possesses a truly fascinating charm and mystique to it. What makes it unique is the fact that this is perhaps the only trek that is open twenty-four hours of the day, seven days of the week. Situated in Tiruvannamalai, a site known for its divinity, this trek also attracts pilgrims from around the state. On the trek, the temple makes for a great rest stop, especially since it provides you with a sense of solace and peace. This trek is said to be more apt for experienced trekkers but amateurs looking for an adventure can try, if they do dare.

5. Yelagiri

Trekking places in Tamil Nadu-Yelagiri

The trek of Yelagiri is a must if you’re visiting the namesake city and is known for its spectacular views. It is often advised to trek up there early in the morning to observe the marvelous sunrise from the top of the summit. Additionally, you can also see the area and its beauty entirely. This is a comparatively short trek and therefore is great for amateur trekking enthusiasts to begin this adventurous activity with. This is yet another trek popular with pilgrims for at the highest point, there exists a Shiva Temple, next to which you can find a giant rock. The specialty of the latter is that it was believed that there was a ‘Trishul’ on its top but was, unfortunately, stolen.

6. Gingee Fort

Trekking places in Tamil Nadu-Gingee Fort

The Gingee Fort or also referred to as the Senji Fort is a must-visit. To do that, in your way stands a trek that is completely worth the effort. The trek, however not that long (it comprises approximately 400 steps), is still considered to be a moderate one owing to the steepness of the hill but it is important to remember that at the top of this journey, what awaits you is truly mesmerizing but be warned of the mischievous monkeys.

7. Grass Hills

Image – Navaneeth KN/Flickr

The Grass Hills National Park encloses an incredible experience that’s just perfect for anyone looking for a little bit of adventure and thrill. When describing the route, the very first word that comes to mind is pristine. These open hills, located in the Western Ghats, are filled with greenery and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking at these hills. It is highly recommended to observe the sunset from here as it is out of this world, well, both literally and figuratively, in this case.

8. Thalaiyar Falls

Trekking places in Tamil Nadu-Thalaiyar Falls
Image/Jagadeesh SJ/Flickr

A beautiful waterfall on the River Manjalar, this is also the highest falls in Tamil Nadu, adding to its prominence. The hike actually goes on from the river to the lovely waterfall. The difficulty of it is considered to be moderate and is quite suitable for intermediate as well as experienced trekkers. On the way, the journey is enthralling. You can notice the orchids and fruit farms, not to forget the scenic beauty. Needless to say, the final destination will be completely ecstatic.

The thrill you experience trekking at these places is ineffable and it is truly exhilarating, especially when you can take in the fresh air of nature. Furthermore, the spell-binding view is the beautiful cherry on top. After all, it is rightly said, “The best view comes after the hardest climb.” Let us know in the comments below about your favorite trek of Tamil Nadu!

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