What Is The Average Cost of A Safari In Tanzania?



An Average Tanzania Safari Cost with basic accommodations such as tents or budget hotels starts at $200 per person, per day. A Mid-Range Tanzania Safari with lodging runs $350 to $400 per person, per day while a high-end luxury safari ranges from $600 to about $1000 per person, per day. 

Just remember, this does not include international flights, visa fees, vaccinations, travel insurance, and other incidentals.

However, a Tanzania Safari Cost can go up with the number of days you want to spend, the number of people you are with, and the type of accommodation and mode of transport you are looking for. 

So, how can you estimate the Average Cost Of Tanzania Safari?

Table of Contents

Tanzania Safari Preferences Cost

Tanzania Safari Categories Price
National Parks Entry Fees
Cost Of Safari Activities
Season-Wise Safari Cost
Accommodation Price
Tanzania Safari Tipping Costs
Some Additional Costs Of The Tanzania Safari
Calculating The Average Safari Cost To Tanzania
Final Money-Saving Tip For Travelling In Tanzania
Plan Safaris In Tanzania With A Perfect Budget!

Tanzania Safari Preferences Cost

1. Tanzania Safari Categories Price 

In a nutshell, Tanzanian Safari Cost can be split into three tiers:

  • Budget Safaris – about $200 per day in famous national parks like Ngorongoro Crater. 
  • Mid-Range Safaris – about $500 per person per day in famous national parks like Serengeti.
  • Luxury Safaris – around $500 – $750 per person per day in famous national parks like Serengeti and Selous Game Reserve.

2. National Parks Entry Fees ($10 –$100 Per Person Per Day)

Let’s know about the entrance fees of various National Parks and Game Reserves in Tanzania.

National Parks Entrance Fees per adult/day (on Average) Entrance Fees per child (5-15 years)/day Entrance Fees per child (below 5 years)/day
Serengeti $70 $30 Free
Ngorongoro $70 $30 Free
Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Arusha $50 $20 Free
Katavi, Mikumi, Ruaha, Saadani, Kitulo, Mkomazi, Udzungwa, Saanane $30 $10 Free
Selous/Nyerere $70 $30 Free
Mahale $80 $20 Free
Gombe  $100 $20 Free
Kilimanjaro $70 $20 Free

3. Cost of Safari Activities ($40-$4000 Per Person Per Day)

Tanzania is home to a lot of safari activities like game drives, Hot Air Balloon safaris and many more.

Let’s have a look at the most interesting safari activities and its price:

Safari Activities Approximate Cost (Person/Day)
Guided walking Safaris  $40 – $160
Night Game Drives $55 – $60
Hot Air Balloon Safari  $550 – $650
Birding Safari  $400 – $600
Wildebeest Migration Safari  $60-$3805
Cultural Tours $40 – $60
Boat / Canoe Rides $40-$60

Note that, the famous 4WD vehicle safari is included in your Tanzania Safari Packages and these optional activities are completely your choice to do and pay accordingly. 

4. Season-Wise Safari Cost ($250 – $2690 Per Person Per Day)

Here we have mentioned the complete Tanzania Safari Cost according to the time of the year in average.

Time Of The Year Camping Safari/Night Mid-Range Safari/Night Luxury Safari/Night
Green Season (April – May) $250 – $385 $450 – $495 $550 – $2500
Shoulder Season (Jan – Mar & June – Oct) $260 – $365 $480 – $560 $900 – $2400
Peak Season

(July – Oct)

$250 – $380 $495 – $690 $990 – $2690

5. Accommodation Price (from $195 – $990 Per Person Per Day)

According to the luxury and the wildlife experiences, travellers can find out several accommodation facilities in Tanzania. Let’s have a look at those with price ranges….

  • A basic budget camping safari in Tanzania costs approximately $195-350 USD per person per day.
  • A 3-star lodge or hotel in Tanzania costs approximately $490 USD per person per day.
  • A 4-star lodge or hotel in Tanzania costs approximately $690 USD per person per day.
  • A 5-star lodge or hotel in Tanzania costs approximately $990 USD per person per day.

6. Tanzania Safari Tipping Costs ($15-$25 Per Person Per Day)

During Safaris In Tanzania, you will be served by your driver/ guide and cook/chef depending on the type of safari you choose. If you have a tented camp safari you will only be accompanied by a driver/guide. Let’s see how much you should tip during your Tanzania Safari.

  • Tanzania Safari Guide/Driver – From $15 – $25 per person per day but you can tip more if you want.
  • Cook – Between $15 – $25 per person per day but you can tip more as per your wish.
  • Mountain Guide – $25 per person per day, you can also tip more according to your pocket.

Porter – $15 per person per day, you can also tip more if you want.

How Much Do You Cost For A Week’s Stay In Tanzania?


One week’s stay in Tanzania is preferable for exploring this African country on a budget and the Tanzania Travel Cost will be:

Some Additional Costs Of The Tanzania Safari 

There are some other things that also come into your budget while on a Safari To Tanzania. Here are these – 

Flights To Tanzania Costs – 

Visa Fee (Around $100 Per Person) – Tanzania e-visa can be used both for Tanzania and Zanzibar tours. For nationalists, a visa costs $50 with a validity of 90 days while for U.S. citizens the visa costs $100 with a validity of 12c months. For South African Citizenship there is no need for a visa to Visit Tanzania.

Travel Insurance (Around $100 Per Person) – Remember to have travel insurance while your safari to Tanzania. It must cover theft, sickness, any kind of accident, etc. and also cover your whole stay in the country. Tanzania Safari Travel Insurance costs approximately $100 per person.

Food And Drinks In Tanzania – Generally Food and drinks are provided by the travel operator whom you choose to plan your safari. You are provided breakfast, lunch, and dinner on your planned Safaris To Tanzania.

If you buy additionally, a bottle of water in Tanzania costs around 606.32 TZS (0.30$) and a soft drink is around 1,259.28 TZS (0.50$) when you buy it from a supermarket. A beer would cost you around 3,614.60 TZS (1.60$) when you buy it from a bar.

Calculating The Average Safari Cost To Tanzania


Based on the above, we can estimate the average cost of a Tanzania Safari.

Final Money-Saving Tip For Travelling In Tanzania

One of the easiest ways to save money on a Tanzania Safari is to travel in a group. The Cost of various factors is fixed, such as transportation and accommodation etc. By having more in the budget, you can split the costs and reduce the per-person price significantly.

It is more cost-effective for saving money than one person travelling alone with luxury means!

Still, African Scenic Safaris prefer luxury safari packages, which will give you real insights into Tanzania.

Plan A Safari To Tanzania With A Perfect Budget!

Wisely Invest in your Safari In Tanzania in terms of your budget & time, you owe it to yourself to plan properly and get this right. Alternatively, make use of African Scenic Safaris!

Our safaris are tailor-made to match your personal preferences, when you’d like to travel, how long you’d like to stay, who you’d be travelling with, what accommodation you’d prefer, how you’d like to get around, what safari experiences you’d like to include, and more.

Just contact us! Our Tanzania Safari Price is complimentary and obligation-free. Our team is an expert in designing your dream safaris and we look forward to working with you.

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