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Oh my! If the world would have ended on 21-12-12, I would have died in regret! There are so many places in my list that I need to visit before I die. I have not even seen a handful of them! Thankfully, the doomsday theories have fallen apart now that we have all survived the great last day of the Mayan calendar. I hope many of you share my thoughts about travel. Why does one needs to travel… If you are one of those who ask such a question to yourself, then you don’t need to travel! A famous traveler once said, “Adventure is not what is out there; it is what is inside us”.

Stuck in our daily drudgery of a 9-6 job in an urban concrete jungle, many of us need to take a big break. Particularly for those who work in the large Indian metro cities, the cramped spaces, the peak hour traffic, the growing pollution and filth can become really suffocating. Obviously, we urbanites yearn for some respite from the hustle and bustle of our concrete jungles.

We at Caleidoscope are organizing an offbeat travel contest named “Top Ten sites to visit before I die!” we would like to seek your nominations for the best tourist spots you have visited or dream to visit. Remember, the site has to be off-the-beaten-track kind of a place. Similarly, it has to be a specific site or a place on the map, and not an entire country. Nominating Switzerland or Brazil will not work. If you can specify a location in the country along with the reasons for the nomination, we will consider that.

Participants have to identify the most popular Offbeat Travel Destination in India. This will be simply decided by the number of votes a particular destination receives. They can also choose another destination as a second best option. Further, there is another prize for identifying the most unknown Offbeat Travel Destination in India. So let’s begin the voting –

For instance, you can choose to vote like this –

  1. My Most Popular Offbeat Travel Destination – Leh, Ladakh
  2. My Second Popular Offbeat Travel Destination – Hampi, Karnataka
  3. My Most Unknown Offbeat Travel Destination – Katarmal Sun Temple

The winner of the Most Popular Offbeat Travel Destination will receive charming prizes.

The contest ends on 25th January 2013. So hurry!

The details of the Offbeat Travel Contest is as follows ­–

Participants have to write a line about why they choose their destination. If their destination is not in the list, they can add new destination along with its photograph searched online. Participants can only choose three destinations per person. They can also promote their destination among your friends and get more votes.

How to vote?

Participants have to identify the most popular Offbeat Travel Destination in India by posting comments in the comment form below.


The winner of the Most Popular Offbeat Travel Destination will receive dazzling and handy prize of BPL Studylite worth Rs.1500.

The winner of the Most Unknown Offbeat Travel Destination will receive charming beauty kit from WellnessOcean worth Rs.1000.

So let’s begin the voting process. Check out our suggested nominations and vote for them or you can reject this list and add better nominations –

Destination—-Details Link
Moola Virupaksha Temple

Hampi, Karnataka

Rediscover the lost capital city of the Vijayanagara empire


Katarmal Sun Temple, Almora, Uttarakhand

Climb the misty hills to reach a unique cluster of sun temples in the Kumaon region


Leh, Ladakh

Attaining nirvana in Shangrila after crossing the world’s highest motorable roads

Ross Island

Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Bay of Bengal

Scuba diving, snorkeling and elephant swimming in the coral reefs of a breathtaking archipelago


Mangalore-Sakleshpur railway, Karnataka 

The glorious train journey through Western Ghats takes you through verdant valleys, gushing streams, breath-taking bridges and endless tunnels


Ruins of Nalanda, Bihar

Lost ruins of a great university of ancient India built during the Gupta Empire



Hillstations of Ooty, Tamilnadu

Never ending leisurely walks, lush green tea valleys, faint aroma of eucalyptus trees, British colonial bungalows,  the delightful nostalgic legacies of a bygone era

Mahabaleshwar mist

Shillong, Meghalaya

A walk in the clouds, cold monsoon winds, strawberry gardens, breathtaking valleys


Auroville, Pondicherry

A global community of free living and spiritual thinking, which aspires to create a sustainable township of human unity 


Valley of Flowers, Bhyundar valley, Uttarakhand

A fairy-land situated high in the Himalayas hides a sea of vibrant flowers



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