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Unsung Heroes of Indian Science – Part I

Google recently called for applications to its annual Google Science Fair competition held across the globe. Young students aged 13–18 years are invited to submit their innovations and scientific hypotheses. While we Indians constantly crib...

Delhi Book Fair – Reader’s Paradise

This week, the Delhi Book Fair is on in New Delhi. Held annually at the Pragati Maidan, this is indeed a treat for everyone: bookworms or not. The few precious hours that I managed to spend here showed me why I loved books so much.

Cultural Festivals across India [Infographic]

India is known for its numerous holidays and religious festivals. But celebration of non-religious cultural festivals is on the rise. We have compiled some of the most popular cultural festivals in India that a cultural enthusiast shouldn’t miss for the world

Lost Capitals of the Deccan – Small Towns, Big Hearts

Across the vast stretches of Indian history, lie some forgotten little towns. These small towns were once the sprawling capitals of mighty empires, but are today lost in the pages of history. Our in-house Ibn Battuta, Anannya Deb has gone across the Deccan to rediscover these gems.

Turn Over a New Leaf: Upgrade to e-books

The digital technology has taken over every aspect of our lives, so why will the print media be spared? While reading books is important, it is necessary to evolve with time and opt for e-books so that reading will turn into a nice experience. I am definitely an e-book reader, are you?

5 Genres Bollywood needs to try out more often

Bollywood and formulas have had a very long history. Starting with Manmohan Desai’s Amar Akbar Anthony, which brought to Bollywood the superhit lost and found family that gets reunited theme, we have now evolved to the formula of big stars, minimal story, some gags and huge marketing budgets.

Famous Treasure Hunts in Indian History – Part I

Famous treasure hunts in Indian - From time immemorial, the fascination for gold has persuaded the human civilisation to launch numerous treasure hunts. Here is a list of great treasure hunts in Indian history, which are remembered for their infamy and intrigue

Walking The Konkan Culture Trail…

In Gokarna, the culture is a blend of Karavali, tribal and north Karnataka cultures. I believe this brings in a diverse variety found nowhere else in Karnataka

The Tale of Seven Sisters… Part 2

As expected, Guwahati welcomed me with unusual torrents. Although a stranger to the city, I never felt like one. The state capital’s language, culture, mannerisms, food, et-al., among many other things were strikingly similar to things in West Bengal.

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