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AoL’s World Cultural Festival: Was it really worth it?

Despite all the controversies, Art of Living’s World Cultural Festival, was celebrated to showcase the diversity of the Indian culture as well as world culture

Eco-friendly Eating out at Lodhi Gardens

Eating out at weekends has become a part of our lives. Why not make it an 'eco-friendly eating' time by trying organic food for a change?

Enabling the Differently Abled – Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust

We often call them as “physically disabled”. But Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust's School for Inclusive Education has ensured that differently-abled people are integrated in our society

DU Food Haunts – A foodie’s paradise!

DU Food Haunts – It becomes necessary to highlight the non-academic aspects of Delhi University. DU is not just about sky-high marks and lectures in derelict buildings; it is also a foodie’s paradise.

Delhi University Food Haunts – Gastronomic Excellence!

Whether you are a student, an alumnus or a visitor, one thing is certain – when in Delhi University, academic excellence goes hand in hand with gastronomic pleasure!

Understanding the Culture of Indian States [Infographic]

Indian States - While diversity is the essence of our Indian culture, many of us are unaware of the differences that actually unite various regions of the country. Here are the major dividing yet uniting cultural differences

Delhi Book Fair – Reader’s Paradise

This week, the Delhi Book Fair is on in New Delhi. Held annually at the Pragati Maidan, this is indeed a treat for everyone: bookworms or not. The few precious hours that I managed to spend here showed me why I loved books so much.

Need Speed Breakers in Life?

Tamanna’s affable character is very easy to identify with and you can almost easily imagine her home and her life with all its absurdities If you love chick lit, then SPEED Breakers is certainly a book that you should get your hands on. After all who doesn’t love a good rom-com?

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to New Delhi Culture

Our Wanderlust woman, Cindu ended up in Nai Dilli during one of her numerous stints as an RJ in a FM radio station. Being a hardcore Sillycon city citizen, she had to treated for a severe bout of culture shock! Please read through her travails to fit into the capital's culture. Please comment on the best pointabout being being in Delhi.

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