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Folk Art Forms of India – Defining Our Cultural Diversity

The best known folk art forms of India that are flourishing with a well-established market for their artefacts are featured here

A different Muslim Community: Khoja Muslims

Khoja Muslims - A unique Muslim community that believes in education, humanity and living in peace.

Testing the Indian Rock Scene

Indian cities are rapidly transforming into their own versions of hotbed of rock music, which comes hand in hand with the growing passion for rhythm and jive...

Ishani Sawant – A Young Mountaineer

Ishani Sawant is already a veteran rock climber and mountaineer at a young age of 23, since she began her first at a tender age of 13 years!

Memorable Sandhan Valley Trek

the expedition to Sandhan Valley was really memorable for me since we just climbed down a deep narrow valley without climbing back!

Indian Scientists – Unsung Heroes – Part II

Continued from Unsung Heroes of Indian Science – Part I Let’s look at some of little known Indian scientists who excelled in their domains and brought to light new discoveries or created inventions Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Sir Shanti...

Devbagh – The Island I Call Home

Devbagh Beach Resort was like an emerald pearl in the sea, with its many tall Casuarina and coconut trees and its long, empty beach. Our eyes eagerly spanned the width of the beautiful beach. I remember feeling like I was returning home.

Postings: The Ailment of Every Army Wife

How would we describe an army wife’s life… Rather than tragical, I would say being an army wife is magical. What exactly makes it magical? One small word: postings.

Birds Of The Same Feather… Celebrating Friendship

Once you enter the life of a vagabond, there really is no looking back. Any Army Wife will tell you that. It is not about the new places; rather, it is all about the excitement of the new faces. With these hopes in my heart, I had joined my husband on a posting in the hills.

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