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Geographical Indication Tags Protect Tradition

Geographical Indication tags are relatively new laws that protect indigenous knowledge in the Indian food and handicrafts sector without hampering free global trade...

Indian Celebrities Supporting Social Causes

These movie celebrities are playing a vital role in shaping our society. Due to them, it is now trendy for Indian celebrities supporting social causes...

Understanding the Culture of Indian States [Infographic]

Indian States - While diversity is the essence of our Indian culture, many of us are unaware of the differences that actually unite various regions of the country. Here are the major dividing yet uniting cultural differences

Is there Ideology in Indian politics?

Which Indian political party’s ideology appeals to you? Are you voting based on ideology this time? Remember, there is a possibility of compromise in ideology.

Unsung Heroes of Indian Science – Part I

Google recently called for applications to its annual Google Science Fair competition held across the globe. Young students aged 13–18 years are invited to submit their innovations and scientific hypotheses. While we Indians constantly crib...

Day of the Non-Returning Indian? [Infographic]

Today India celebrates “Pravasi Bharatiya Divas” or the “Day of the Non-Resident Indian”. Organised under the aegis of the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, the event is aimed at engaging the Indian Diaspora across the...

Lost Capitals of the Deccan – Small Towns, Big Hearts

Across the vast stretches of Indian history, lie some forgotten little towns. These small towns were once the sprawling capitals of mighty empires, but are today lost in the pages of history. Our in-house Ibn Battuta, Anannya Deb has gone across the Deccan to rediscover these gems.

Famous Treasure Hunts in Indian History – Part II

From time immemorial, the fascination for gold has persuaded the human civilisation to launch numerous treasure hunts. Here is a list of great treasure hunts in Indian history, which are remembered for their infamy and intrigue.

Telangana wins, Hyderabad loses?!

For a person who was unexposed to issues of Andhra Pradesh (AP), I was quite taken aback by the violence during the statehood agitation. I always thought when we fight against our oppressors we become violent, but Telangana and the rest of Andhraites are supposed to one Telugu brethren

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