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Photo Essay: The Joys of Childhood

A photo documentation on the Joys of Childhood, which can bring a wide smile on our faces with just a single thought or memory of those beautiful times.

Children and Technology – a childhood lost?

The children of an older generation had few options. How many of us remember finishing our homework and going out to play with friends…

Memories of A Simpler Childhood

Proud to be of a generation that made simple films like Mr. India, which impress children even today when they are exposed to all sorts of super-hero flicks. I was proud to belong to the generation that knew the simple joys of being children, to be born at the time when Google was not an answer to all the questions in the world!

Traditional Toys of India: Practice of Culture and Profession

The beautifully crafted traditional toys of India are unique and indigenous, and reflect the heritage of the Indian handicraft and toy making by skilled craftsmen and artisans.

Indian Mango Mania – The King of Hearts!

The mango simply becomes the most ubiquitous entity in our markets, homes, dining tables and even conversations during the summer season. It is sown into our childhood memories, in our moments of quiet solitude and in our sneaky after dinner escapades.

The Vision of Migrants in Jhumpa Lahiri’s Works

The rootlessness characteristic of non-residing Indians, and the need of the migrants to either cling on to their Indian roots in a foreign land or relinquish them in order to blend in with the norm. This is the primary subject in her three most celebrated novels

Tarishi Gupta – Capturing the Expressions of Passion

Tarishi has definitely marked her foray in the world of photography. One of her most passionate project is The Red Project that plays around the significance of the color in different cultural backgrounds.

Creases in the Hard-working Hand

Lockdown in India has bought the multi-tasking ability of people into fame. Those working from home tend to put in more hours of work ( with the cell-phone ringing dawn to dusk) while for the...

A Long Lockdown isn’t Bad After All!

let us innovate and find numerous joys and ways to entertain ourselves at home without risking our or other’s health by stepping out.

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