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Image of Truth: Take Me Back

Author - Aparna Negi The birds they sing so cheerfully. Oh! I love their voice. I am flattered by their mesmerizing voice. But now they...

Change of Game; Let’s Play James Bond

Now I cry, for I allowed the man I love to feel the woman in me, letting him know the wound I bear. I cry, for I finally let it go. I am washing away a lot of things.

Caught in the Paradox of Growing Up

When do we actually grow up? Are the people around us grown up? When do we become adults and make right decisions? Take a look at this paradox of life.

Stepping into Adulthood Before Time

A little boy wonders why he had to step into adulthood and give up his dream at such a young age when he should be playing with his friends instead.

When Life Threw Me a Curveball

Adulthood crept up on a teenage girl when she least expected it. Even though it was a curveball she managed to hit it right out ot the park.

It’s Time to Heal the World

Adulthood is all about that moment when you realise life does not revolve around you. And with the realisation comes the wish to heal the world

Show Some Chutzpah!

A story of a girl child who was always put down by her father for being a girl and not a boy and how she grew up to be comfortable in her own skin.

The Epiphany of ‘Realized’ Existence

Author - Archana Sood One fine day, you realise that you cannot always be puerile you grow, you learn and move away from the state juvenile. The beauty of...

Life, Changes

A harsh but also gentle reminder of how life changes in an instant and how one has to take charge especially after marriage and cannot depend on parents.

The Day I Met a Superhero

An inspiring story of a poor kid who showed a privileged boy what it means to grow up. In short he became a superhero who changed the latter's life course.

Contest Closed : Short Story Writing on “The Moment You Felt Like an Adult”

We want to know about your moment of epiphany - the moment you felt like an adult. Come share it with us. Let's all grow up together, once again

Vote for Best Eco-friendly Ideas from India

Our Caleidoscope Eco-ideaz Contest has reached the culminating stage now. We have received nominations from all across for the best eco-friendly innovative idea seen in India. Now, we seek your vote for the best idea among these innovations. The primary criteria will be the eco-friendliness of the idea and its commercial feasibility. If your idea is not in this list, you can add a new idea along with its photograph searched online. A participant can only choose two ideas. They can also promote their idea among their friends and get more votes. Just write a comment to vote for the idea.

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