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Must Read Booker Prize Nominated Books from Indian Authors

Indian authors of the English language are no strangers to the Man Booker Prize. In this article, we list four authors and books that have been awarded the coveted literary award.

Is Jaipur Literature Festival the greatest literary show on Earth?

Book readers regularly congregate for book reading sessions by authors to understand the finer nuances of literature. Similarly, book fairs offer another opportunity to...

Creative Minds Blossom: Indian Women Writers

These female writers became a powerful medium for modernism and feminism. The present generation women writers are mostly western educated thus, their work cover the contemporary issues of women and those of the problems lingering in the society for decades, attracting a massive following of readers.

Ashwin Sanghi – India’s Dan Brown?

Bestselling author Ashwin Sanghi has everything it takes to be India's Dan Brown. Read more.

One Amazing Author: Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

One fine day in February, I was enthralled to see Dr. Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, an award winning Indian American author. She was at the Starmark (South City Mall) in Kolkata, celebrating and sharing her success with her readers during the launch of her latest books: Shadowland and One Amazing Thing.

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