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Hiking Around for Heritage – Royal Mysore Walks

Royal Mysore Walks take offbeat travellers on a guided tour of interesting spots in and around Mysore, either on foot, on jeep or on a cycle.

Fable of A Fabulous Fabric: Mysore Silk

A silk saree takes the pride of place in an Indian woman’s wardrobe due to its luxurious lustre and exquisite design. Among the myriad styles of silk sarees, ‘Mysore Silk’ from Karnataka stands out for its unique weave, smooth texture and minimalist design.

Mulberry Magic from Mysore

Silk … The very name of the luxurious fabric renowned for its elegance reminds us of an elegant look and the wondrous feel that one gets to experience when felt against the skin. All renowned for the exquisite quality and the graceful look that it promises to provide, apparels made out of this lovely fabric are something every woman on earth desires to own.

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