Stir up a passion for cooking!

Have you been watching the numerous food and cookery shows on TV... Watching Aditya Bal or Vicky Ratnani stir up a dish on NDTV Good Times is always fun. It’s also fun watching renowned cooks Kylie Kwong and Nigella Lawson on TLC Channel.

Good Bye to Single-use Plastic, Say Hello to Banana!

Banana leaf technology is a cellular eco-friendly technology that preserves leaves and organic biomaterials for a year without the use of any chemicals. Naturally, leaves and most biomaterials degrade within a shelf lifespan of three days and are discarded as waste.

Reliving Memories of Monsoon

“Dekho kaise parbath se baadal gaye, Barsenge yeh ab kaha... Dekho kaise phoolon se khushboo gayi, Mehekenge yeh ab kaha...” – Dhaani by Strings... It was a thunderstorm which shook me from my slumber. After lunch, I had snoozed off on my workstation, listening to the Pak group, Strings.


Protecting Your Home and the Items In It

It is important to have a home warranty. A TotalProtect Home Warranty covers the items that insurance does not and helps to make sure your home stays the place you want to be.

India’s Streetside Coffee and Tea Culture

Be it a metro city or a small town, there are little streetside coffee and tea shops in nearly every street across India, and a couple of regular drinkers.

Tasty treat on trains – Travel Khana

Travel Khana - Food on train companies now provide a range of food delivery services for travellers. So let’s hope the stale food on Indian Railways will be a thing of the past!


Indian Home Decor Ideas that Reflect Indian Culture

India is a land of rich culture and heritage and this is used to best advantage in amazing Indian home decor ideas that add beauty and elegance to your home

Where is the Bengali Bhadralok…

Truly as the famous saying, "what Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow!"

Burning Memories of Dark Days : The Hotel Mumbai

The Hotel Mumbai’ was introduced to me by an office colleague and since the subject is so intriguing, my wife and I decided to watch it. We were not disappointed.


Top Indian Pop Bands and Singers that Ruled Our Hearts Forever

Music is something that has been constantly evolving in our country. This list of Indian Pop bands and Singers from the past will make you nostalgic.

Pune Sightseeing Guide – Free eBook on places to visit near Pune

Places to visit near pune - Most cities in India have one particular terrain as their focal point of attraction. It could be a beach, a mountain range, religious places or some Places to visit near pune.

Photo Feature – The Qutub Story

The photographs you see in this photo featurer are an interpretation of how I saw the Qutub Complex.