5 Delectable Desserts the Ayurveda Style

When it comes to desserts, Ayurveda has a distinct style of making these. It uses ghee over oil which is usually considered better for health.

Know how to enjoy hair growth with the help of vitamins

While there are other factors responsible for hair loss too, including age, genetics, hormones, etc., optimal nutrient intake can go a long way in boosting hair growth. The following are some of the vitamins that are intrinsically associated with hair growth:

Defining an Offbeat Travel Destination

When we initiated our offbeat travel destination and travelogue contest, many of our friends countered us with a specific question, “What do you mean by offbeat travel destination?” “How do you define one?”


Pillow Talks or Pillow Fights – What Couple are You?

It is what happens within the confines of this romantic bedroom, that characterizes a couple. Some indulge in never ending chats while some take the fun route.

Picturing It With Passion

To be able to capture everyday drama for what it really is – just everyday drama... To be able to render a rare creativity to the chaos of everyday living... That’s what photographs have the capacity to do. Clicking pictures and capturing images...

Important Methods in Which Sample Papers can Help You in Exam Preparations

If you want to score well in Maths, ensure to practice sample papers timely to get a good hang of concepts, formulas and overall clarity of solving equations.


10 Indian Monuments That Your Child Should Know About

A list of 10 Indian Monuments that you should tell your child about! These monuments reflect India's great culture and rich history.

What is Governance to Common Man?

Ram Singh first started out by assuring me that I will meet more good people than bad in Delhi, or any city. A bad episode gets hyped up in the media because it draws mass sympathy.

Why Sterling Silver Jewelleries are the Best Gift for Your Partner

Don’t wonder why! Here are 3 reasons, among others; why sterling silver jewelleries are the best gift for your partner; especially if it is a 925 sterling silver ring.


Sahir Ludhianvi – The ‘People’s Poet’

Sahir Ludhianvi, the ‘People’s Poet’ was the voice of common people; he experienced to the fullest extent that every person undergoes in the face of tragedies

Animal Inspirations – Part 2

Here is a collection of inspiring stories of animal ingenuity which is just a tip of the iceberg for us humans to discover.

Caught in the Paradox of Growing Up

When do we actually grow up? Are the people around us grown up? When do we become adults and make right decisions? Take a look at this paradox of life.