Earthquake Devastated Nepal Needs Our Help


Nepal Earthquake

The land that taught the world how to attain nirvana is devastated today. This is a land where diverse religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam coexist in harmony. This is a land where there is an immense gap between the rich and the poor. The land is rich in natural resources, but the ignorance and poverty of its people is shocking. Yes, we are talking about our friendly neighbourhood nation, Nepal.

The land of fearless Gurkhas and the ever-smiling and hardworking Nepalis was always stricken by poverty and hardship. However, this time the gods have decided to test the resilience of Nepalis further by inflicting a devastating earthquake on them. Apart from the massive toll on human lives, world heritage monuments in and around Kathmandu have been destroyed. Last year was equally devastating for Nepal with avalanches and snowstorms killing mountain climbers near Mount Everest and the Annapurna circuit.

We Indians have always had a strong religious and cultural linkage with Nepalis. It is time for us to show our brethren that we stand by them at this time of adversity. Let us not stop showing our compassion by offering our condolences; let’s reach out to them with all the help possible in terms of money, food, clothing and other essential needs.

Here are a list of leading voluntary organisations working on the ground in Nepal, with whom you can contribute your donations-




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