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How to be creative using ready do-it-yourself kit of Indian art and craft. Whenever we want to do some artwork, our choices are confined to few things available in the marketplace – fabric design, oil painting, water colours, paper and gum, etc. Many of us marvel at vividly painted folk art styles in exhibitions and wonder if it is possible to be creative using Indian art and craft material…

Warli, Madhubani, Patua, Santhal, Phad Painting are such exquisite folk art styles which appeal to young and old alike. How would it be if such difficult and intricate craft items are available in a ready do-it-yourself kit… sounds exciting?!

Kadam’s range of ‘Potli Educational Activity/Craft Kits’ have been designed to sensitize the children to the arts and crafts of India, in a hope that they can nurture our culture with pride and ensure its continuity. All the Painting kits also come with a DVD of five short animation films of folk tales from various parts of India, and based on the traditional art forms.

Craft Kadam Potli
Kadam Potli ready kit

Potli Educational Do-It-Yourself painting kits represent specific traditional / tribal art forms such as Warli, Madhubani, Patua, Santhal, Phad, Gond, etc. They also have kits on hand block printing, bead craft and shell craft. The objective of the kit is to familiarize children with these arts forms, tell them about the history behind the art form and its peculiarities. These kits also support the village artist, as a certain part of the proceeds from the sale is passed on to them. In a small way, this is a way to keep the art forms and our traditional artists’ vision alive.

potli - craft ideas for kids

Kadam is a Kolkata based voluntary organisation which is working towards creating employment opportunities for rural uneducated youth and teach basic professional skills to rural artisans. It is led by Pooja Ratnakar and Payal Nath, who are professional designers who have dedicated their career for folk art revival. Read more about the organisation here…

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