Reasons For a Happy Day – Poem

Author – Sreesvarna B


Reasons for a Happy Day

Every start of my day

there is always someone to wish me a ‘Good Morning’,

even in her hurries,

turning my laziest start into a cheerful one.

This means nothing much trouble to her,

and I didn’t bother to tell her what it holds to me.


When I return home completely tired and lazy,

I get reminded of her who also returns home tired,

but never fails to join me in a game or a chapter,

changing my restless reason into an unmeaningful excuse.

This means no much trouble to her,

and I didn’t bother to tell her what it holds to me.


She never lets me down.

She never forgets to forgive before I ask forgiveness.

She feel’s I’m her treasure.

I shout at her, but she never shouts back.

I get possessive, but she assures me that she will always be there for me.


I never said my sister a Thank you for all this and many more she does for me,

I never will, for I don’t want to break this treasure of mine.

Poem submitted as a part of Nostalgic Article of the Month Contest


Sreesvarna B
An Agriculture Engineering Student, Music student where my medium of learning carnatic music are my violins and a patient guru...Camps, Concerts, Exhibitions, Debates and Extempore competitions- have been all there at different times and ready to pack my bag for the next adventure. Got the interest to jot down my experiences thanks to my sister, English teacher in class 10, my parents and my dear friends.