10 Reasons why Friendship is the Best Bond Ever


thoughts on friendship
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Friendship is a kind of relation that requires a lot of honesty, trust, and understanding  between two people.  It is difficult to imagine a life without friends in it. The very thought of your friends leaving you will make you scared. Such is the significance of this beautiful bond.  Without friendship, the world is incomplete.

Every relation has its own significance, but friendship certainly stands out from the rest with its unique charm. As a part of our friendship week, we bring to you 10 reasons why friendship is the best bond ever.

1. A bond that can’t be replaced

Friendship is one special bond that you cannot replace with any other bond. The kind of connection you have with your friends will not be found in any other relationship. It is something unique that links two people who look out for each other.

2. It nurtures you as a person

There is a lot more to friendship than spending time together, or just having fun. It is a kind of bond that gives life to your soul. A friend is someone who doesn’t just support you in most of the things, but also brings positivity into your life.

3. A relation where there’s no place for ego.

More often than not, we fight with our friends for unnecessary reasons or misunderstand each other. But, what is friendship without reconciliation? Overlooking the mistakes and resolving issues without any ego are some of the usual things in friendship.

thoughts on friendship

4. In friendship, there is no place for pretending

Friendship is something where you need not pretend. You can simply be yourself, and no one will ever judge you for that. You can be with your friends all day in messy buns and baggy clothes, but they won’t question you because they might be the same as you. So pretending is never the rule.

5. It is a relation which can be many other things 

Friendship is the only relation where we can act like siblings, best friends, well-wishers, parents and sometimes, lovers as well. After all, friends are the people who can put up with any role to make you happy.

6. Friends are the people who become your full-time support

Friendship is not just about doing some crazy stuff together, but also supporting friends during their hard times. There is a great saying- “You come to know who is your friend in the times of suffering only”. A friend who stays with you when everything is fine isn’t your true friend; a true friend is someone who supports you like a pillar even when the times are hard.

7. It is the bond of expression

Friendship is quite expressive.  Friends are often experts in expressing emotions that do not require any spoken words. Friends know each other so well that they can easily make out what their friend’s next action could be.

thoughts on friendship

8. It helps you find your true worth

Friends are the first ones you’ll turn to after something bad like a breakup or a failed interview. They will be the ones to cheer you up and make you realize what you truly are, both physically and emotionally.

9. Friends are the ones whom we can rely on

Friends are those people in our lives, with whom we are at extreme ease. We are comfortable enough to share our darkest secrets, joys and sorrows with them. We know we can rely on these people, no matter what.

10. It is a relation that only gets stronger as time flies

With time, friendship can only get stronger because you get to know your friends better with each passing day and appreciate the same with all your heart. You tend to love them without any reason and eventually realize that your world becomes much more beautiful with their presence in it.

The most valuable gift in a person’s life is a sincere friendship. The individual who in his life meets a real friend is thought to be very fortunate. Despite having other important things in life, a good friendship is very crucial to the life of a person. No one can live a completely fulfilled life if he does not have trustworthy connections. Everyone needs a good and loyal companion to share the good, bad and ugly.  

Friendship is a dedicated sense of affection that allows us to share and care for each other. A friend is someone who without hesitation understands and appreciates others. True friends are never greedy, they try to better each other in their lives. There is no distinction between boundaries or ages, between caste, race, religion or sex. You know the truth about each other and support each other completely.

Friends can be good as well as terrible, good friends can change your life and bad friends pursue the wrong route, so one should be careful in choosing. Awful companions can be quite bad for us as they are sufficient to damage our life altogether. Often because of their own ego or self-esteem friendships break down. There should be a good understanding, satisfaction, sense of comfort and trust in true friendship.

So, we hope you like these incredible friendship quotes, whether you want to commemorate your friendships or just recall why you love your friends so much.

Friendship quotes 1

“A good friend glances over your damaged fence and appreciates the beautiful flowers”  

Friendship quotes 2

“True friends who can grow separately without growing apart is the most beautiful revelation”

Friendship quotes 3

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world that probably doesn’t come to life until they approach us”

Friendship quotes 4

“A true friend is somebody who sees anguish in your eyes when everyone else focuses on the smile”

Friendship quotes 5

“Anybody can sympathize with the sufferings of a friend, but it requires a very fine nature to sympathize with a friend’s success.” – Oscar Wilde

Friendship quotes 6

“To have a friend, one has to be a friend”

Friendship quotes 7

“True ties are not determined by the time or favours spent together. But through comfort, when you know that you have each other”


“Real friends are not those who remove your difficulties. They are the ones that will not disappear when you face hardships”

Friendship quotes 9

“Good friends are like diamonds — bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style.” – Nicole Richie

Friendship quotes 10

“The one who believes in you, when you stop believing in yourself, is a loyal friend”

Good friends are crucial for your mental health and for your quality of life. They can increase your sense of belonging and purpose. It is inseparable to live and to love. Friendship is a chance to admire, learn about yourself, become mature and open up to a completely new life experience.

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