Are Necklaces In or Out?


Are Necklaces In or Out?

Necklaces have the potential to bring forth memories of special people and special times in our lives. Necklaces can also bring almost any outfit together. According to a 2021 Vogue article, the coronavirus pandemic forcing us to work over platforms such as Zoom has led to a refreshing trend that is referred to as “waist-up dressing.”

This trend puts emphasis on accessories such as earrings and, you guessed it, trendy necklaces! While jewelry wasn’t something a lot of us bothered with most days in 2020, it’s definitely going to be making a comeback in 2021. Especially necklaces.

What kinds of necklaces are “in”?


According to a StyleCaster article from this yearto make up for our lost time out in the “real world” during the pandemic, 2021 is going to be the year of “over-accessorizing.” Therefore, it may be time to find the best looks for the last part of 2021. When it comes to necklaces, the top style magazines are predicting that pendant necklaces, beads, and pearls are going to be what’s popular this year.

Where can I find necklaces that are in style this season?

For cute necklaces in all the latest styles, check out Kendra Scott. Here, you’ll find naturally made luxurious jewelry at a low price in basically every style expected to be popular this season. From new arrivals like the Beaded Shiva Gold Charm Necklace to the Layton Gold Statement Necklace In Red Oyster to necklaces that give the impression of fringe (noted for being “in” this season by Vogue) like the Kingston Long Pendant Necklace in multiple colors—you’re sure to find something perfect for your taste to help you stand out.

Where can I find necklaces that are in style this season

Check out the best sellers’ page for a look into what is popular (particularly the cutest pendants) not only in necklaces, but also in earrings, rings, and bracelets. Or check out the new arrivals page to be on top of the next trend. Whether you’re looking for a gift or a new necklace for yourself, you’re sure to find women’s necklaces in all the latest styles here.

Bonus tip: if you sign up for the “insider” list by submitting your email address, you will get 15 percent off your first order sent to your email as well as updates on promotions and discounts.

Try the layered look

Try the layered necklace look

The “art of layering” is expected to be popular in the fall and winter months of 2021 both in the outfits and the jewelry, according to a The Zoe Report article from earlier this year. If you’re on a budget, this is fantastic news. You can just go through all your current jewelry and find pieces that are keeping with the trends and layer them for specific looks. Keep in mind that multiple sources are reporting that silver and pearls reign supreme this year and chokers should be “chunky.” For pops of color be sure to add fun beaded pieces as well.

Bonus tip: Kendra Scott’s collection not only has various elegant multi-strand necklaces, but this line also offers the “Layer It! Necklace Clasp In Gold” that allows for you to connect three necklaces together without getting them all tangled up (it’s genius!).

Try Etsy

Let’s be honest—you can’t really go wrong with the unique and fun looks available on Etsy. This is especially going to be true for unique beaded pieces, pearl looks on a budget, and statement pieces. This would also be a great place if you wanted something distinctive or quirky for a pendant piece or you need something simple but unique to complete your layered look.

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