Destination Wedding In Delhi: A Magnificiant Place to Celebrate Your Big Day


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Would you like to celebrate your wedding traditionally, in a banquet hall, among hundreds of guests? How about a new trend — a destination wedding in some exotic place? An interesting and non-standard wedding celebration can be organized in one of the most delightful places in the world — India. Such a ceremony in the spirit of adventure will not lose its romantic atmosphere, it will charge you with vivid emotions and colorful memories for the rest of your family life. And with the help of ancient Indian traditions, you can find harmony in your relationships.

Unique Experience

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A distinctive feature of weddings in India is the splendor of the solemn procession and the observance of many ceremonies. We offer to consider following the most popular of them.

Wear wedding attire of incredible beauty — a colorful sari for the bride and a turban, a Sherwani jacket, and churidar trousers for the groom. These garments cannot be replaced by the usual puffy snow-white dress and classic suit.

Another great tradition is Mehndi, which is the application of henna patterns. Usually, the bride’s hands are decorated with complex drawings, which mean strong feelings, and the shade that appears, yellow, brick or black, predicts further family life.

According to Indian rules, the newlyweds must come to the wedding venue separately. The time spent on the ceremony is directly determined by the number of rites chosen. Among the obligatory customs, it should be mentioned that the bride and groom should exchange their wedding garlands. It symbolizes the gift of one’s own heart. The ceremony is followed by spectacular rituals with fire, and after that, the brahmin reads mantras over the newlyweds. Where else can you get such an experience?

Cost-Effective two-in-one: wedding trip plus celebration

The expenses for organizing a wedding celebration provided by a travel agency make up a wide range. This cost includes the organization of the wedding ceremony, pre-wedding preparations, costume rental, payment for the services of musicians, transportation costs, and more. Maybe, a wedding celebration lasting three days for a narrow circle of friends and family will cost you less than organizing a celebration for a hundred guests in your hometown. You can take package marriage deals from wedding hotels and save some money.

A Family Trip

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It can be a wedding event for two or a narrow circle with the close members of both families. If crowds of guests make you sad, and your dreams are only about romance and solitude, then celebrating a wedding celebration in India is perfect for you. And to show respect for loved ones, it is enough to organize the usual registration at the registry office at the place of residence, where you can invite relatives, colleagues and friends. And then you will fly away from daily worries and spend some quality time with your new family exploring tourist attractions and getting to know new family members better.

Bringing Families Closer

Where else you can get such a chance to introduce the groom’s parents to the bride’s parents? They can walk together down the crowded Connaught Place and Main Bazar, and explore the largest historical monument in Old Delhi — The Red Fort. Shared memories of unforgettable trips will bring two families together.

Closer to Culture

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An Indian wedding is a real carnival of colors and a riot of bright colors. The Hindu wedding is accompanied by many interesting traditions and rituals. Indian people regard marriage as the most important event in the life of a man and a woman. They believe that on this day the souls of spouses merge into one for seven future lives. The customs, which to this day play one of the main roles in the life of Indian people, are truly unique. They may seem at first glance strange and inexplicable, even frightening, but this is not at all the case if you look a little closer.

It is this unquestioning faith in the power of traditions and adherence to the centuries-old rules of marriage that make weddings in India a real cultural phenomenon: having once visited such a celebration, it is impossible to forget it, let alone to be the main heroes of it.

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To make your ceremony even brighter, you can order more services, reflecting traditional customs. For example, walking on elephants, musical accompaniment, conducting the custom of “7 steps” and “gifts to the god of fire.” The service of some hotels also includes paid festive fireworks.

If you really follow all local traditions, then after the event you will be given a certificate that confirms that you are husband and wife according to the Hindu religion.

An exotic and unforgettable wedding celebration strictly observes the covenants of the ancestors, while surprisingly combining them with modern trends. You can be part of a typical ceremony in India and the modern banquet that follows it, which cannot even be imagined without incendiary dances and delicious treats.

Delightful Photographs

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A wedding photo session in India can be very beautiful. Exotic nature, ancient monuments, temples, palaces and sights will be the perfect backdrop for wedding photography. They will bring to it an exotic color and atmosphere, which cannot be obtained in a modern metropolis. You can find examples of photography from weddings in India or look through portfolios of local wedding photographers in Delhi. Surely, they know all the great spots and, hiring them, you can get photos of a true Indian wedding.

Why Delhi?

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The gigantic metropolis combines the incompatible: many different beliefs, cultural heritages, ancient rituals and modern trends. Big cities gradually reduce the influence of long-standing ceremonies and ingrained opinions. Therefore, the union of young people for love in Delhi is becoming more common. But no one completely abandons the heritage, and wedding ceremonies are still held here in national attire, with Brahmin and ancient rites.

One of the wonders of the world and a world cultural heritage is located here — the Taj Mahal mausoleum, a monument to the eternal feeling of love. You will simply be speechless by visiting this place. Graceful architecture, magnificent patterns and stucco will not leave anyone indifferent. According to legend, to confess feelings on the temple steps is to a long love, the same as that of its creator.

More and more couples choose to spend the most important event of their lives abroad. The main reason for this is the desire to make the wedding really unusual, original and memorable. As for the cost, the wedding ceremony itself abroad and preparation for it can cost a relatively small amount, but photographs and memories will be precious.

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