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Fashion Influencing is growing at a fast pace with no inclination of slowing down. There is a wave of opportunities in this field – be it a full-time endeavour, a side hustle or even a hobby. Fashion Influencers in India have established a niche of setting trends, influencing buying choices and enabling a fashion revolution. 

Indian fashion influencers create content that is consumable and can be recreated by their niche audience. Some of them, however, go over the top with their fashion choices and promote exploration in styling. The 5 step formula for every influencer is – 

  1. Finding their niche
  2. Creating content around it independently 
  3. Pitching to companies and brands
  4. Promotions through various marketing strategies 
  5. Collaborating continuously for better reach

Indian audience is increasingly but slowly falling in love with fashion influencers, just as their love for celebrities. We have curated a list of India’s most loved fashion influencers and why you should follow them:

1. Komal Pandey 

Indian Fashion Influencers, Komal Pandey
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With a follower count of 14 lakh, Komal Pandey is one of the most popular fashion bloggers of her kind. Based out of Delhi, she continually experiments with fashion which is not ‘boring’. Her reels and videos explore the possibility of styling differently and uniquely. You can find how Poo would dress in 2021, kurta with jeans, headscarf styles and more!

2. Usaamah Siddique

Indian Fashion Influencers, Usaamah Siddique
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 A Mumbaikar himself, Usaamah Siddique graduated in Business Marketing and went to experiment with his romantic entanglements in fashion. He started working as a celebrity stylist & simultaneously invested time in his blog, The Dapper Label. The rest is history, Usaamah now is a well-known face of menswear.

3. Shalini Chopra

Indian Fashion Influencers, Shalini Chopra
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Based out of Bangalore, Shalini Chopra is a fashion influencer, with a keen interest in food, travel, beauty and lifestyle. She was awarded the best Blogger of the Year 2019. She is very active in collaborations, creating content around the same for her audience to know what’s new. 

4. Juhi Godambe

Indian Fashion Influencers, Juhi Godambe
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Juhi Godambe, daughter of famous make-up artists Bharat & Dorris, is a known name amongst fashion influencers. After graduating from London School of Trends, she started with her high street fashion brand called Arabella. She is a celebrated face in the influencing world. 

5. Siddharth Batra 

Indian Fashion Influencers, Siddharth Batra
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Siddharth Batra started as a style editor at mensXP. As a typical Delhi boy with his love for fashion and men’s beauty, he rose to fame. His Instagram is for every men who dreams of dressing comfortably and in a non-conforming manner. He does everything – from beauty care tips such as weird grooming hacks, makeup basics, how to hide hickeys to wearing corsets, crop tops and all bollywood-themed outfits.  

6. Nilu Yuleena Thapa

Indian Fashion Influencers, Nilu Yuleena Thapa
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Nilu Yuleena Thapa, who goes by the username BigHairLoudMouth, is a fashion influencer from West Bengal. She has contributed in the field of fashion & beauty, collaborating with brands as a model, stylist, creative director and digital influencer. She is experimental with colors, not just in her wardrobe but also with her goldy locks! 

7. Shaurya Sanadhya Tulshyan

Indian Fashion Influencers, Shaurya Sanadhya Tulshyan
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Pune-based Shaurya Sanadhya started her eponymous label for western & ethnic wear to lead an influencer-cum-entrepreneur life. She continues to influence her audience with beauty tips, fashion tips and a slice of her personal life all at once. 

8. Karron S Dhinggra 

Indian Fashion Influencers, Karron S Dhinggra
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Formerly a Tik Tok star, Karron S Dhinggra stepped in fashion influencing. With a huge following, he is a popular choice amongst men for fashion wear, grooming and luxury choices. His everyday tips and tricks prove helpful and resonate with his audience. 

9. Kritika Khurana

Indian Fashion Influencers, Kritika Khurana
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The Boho Girl, or simply Kritika Khurana is a fashion influencer from Delhi with a whooping following of 12 lakh. She is also the owner of the e- commerce label ‘THE HYPE’. Her free spirited styling sets her apart from other influencers and hence, make an unforgettable mark amongst the masses.

10. Lee Middleton 

Indian Fashion Influencers, Lee Middleton 
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Lee Middleton is a fashion influencer from Meghalaya redefining men’s fashion. His photographs, fueled with stunning scenery, playing with lights and shadows and minimalism, are a breath of fresh air. He is a step up in his fashion choices, combining simplicity with color pops, stripes, co-ords and more. He is also a certified make-up artist upscaling men beauty standards.

Fashion influencing continues to grow with new faces and trends emerging everyday. You can defo be drawn to new fashion, accessories, footwear and skincare to try and buy as suggested by above mentioned fashion and lifestyle influencers. Happy influencing!

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