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When it comes to fashion, stylish footwear quite easily tops the list of things that cannot be overlooked. Unlike in the distant past, as our grandparents will recall, footwear was viewed only as a means of protecting your feet; in today’s day, the sheer importance of the right pair of shoes in completing an outfit tastefully along with supporting, cushioning and guarding our feet is unquestionable. 

That being so, when putting together outfits for various occasions, be it a house party, casual outing or even something as mundane as work or a grocery store trip, shoes are something we do not dare forget, especially us women. High quality, fancy ladies sandals not only help us express our individuality and elevate an outfit but also make sure that we do not end up with sore feet and an aching back. So do not forget to add Ladies sandals to your shoe rack for all your elegant and chicest looks. 

However, we understand that as familiar as you might be with these facts, finding the best ladies sandals is not always the most convenient of tasks. So, here is a list of all the factors that you should consider before choosing the perfect pair:

  • Material- When looking for ladies sandals, never forget to check the material before swiping the card. Always go for an item that has a synthetic sole, an insole made of a softer material like polyurethane(PU) and a body made of high-quality leather, suede or even fabric. The synthetic material is lightweight, sturdy, durable, water and stain-resistant; PU will let your feet breathe and offer ample softness, keeping any kind of fungal or bacterial infections away, and the body will ensure a snug fit.
  • Size- This might sound like a very trivial or obvious detail to list, but going for the right size of footwear makes all the difference where comfort is concerned. More often than not, we often end up buying the wrong size of ladies sandals, and our entire body has to face the consequences. A size too small, they end up squeezing the life out of your feet and a size too big, they end up giving you blisters because of excessive friction. Hence, never go for an ill-fitted pair.
  • Purpose- Keeping the purpose that you are going to use the ladies sandals for a while browsing will help you narrow down the list by a considerable number. For instance, if you want shoes that can be worn at a wedding for a couple of hours, you may go for heeled, embellished sandals. But, if your purpose is to go to work, you should go for something more athletic like strapped, platform sandals. The bottom line, match the purpose with the type of footwear.  
  • Support- The build of the item will tell you if the sandal will offer enough support to your feet or not. Some sandals have insoles that are as straight as a ruler, and because of this, the entire weight of your body falls either entirely on your toes or your heels instead of getting divided evenly. This causes your feet to get tired easily and makes wearing these for prolonged periods an impossible task. Go for pairs of sandals that provide sufficient support to your arches, too.

Turns out, buying ladies’ sandals is not that daunting a feat after all! Now, jot these down, so you do not miss out on the best pieces the next time you go footwear shopping.

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