New Age Writing Tools for Millennial Writers


New Age Writing Tools

What is the current attitude or style of writing nowadays? Do the majority of writers begin writing by documenting visions on their notes, or do they start by straight up writing down their ideas in their notebooks? An easy guess is that people typically use computers for these purposes, right?

The characters and attitudes of the digital age readers are different from conventional hardcover book readers. Thus, the vast demand for digital reading sources mandates websites to create regular content without compromising quality.

The good news is: that there are plenty of solutions! We are glad to assist contemporary writers in their aspirations. In this article, we’ll share with you some fantastic tools to significantly boost your productivity and make sure you become a top-quality writer of this millennium. 

Google Docs

Google Docs is an element of GSuite. It is an application that allows you to cooperate with other editors and writers. Its most prominent features include viewing the history of your proofreader’s edits to examine and analyze the same modifications that will benefit your progress the most.

Writers can profit from the extensive Google Drive cloud storage to save their notes, drafts, writing and reference files, pictures, and more. The best part about it is its flexibility: employ it to manage your mobile writing device and even update your Google documents on the fly with it. 


Since grammar nazis are the thing nowadays, people of all ranks and statuses utilize this software to avoid having lexical, grammatical, spelling errors, and typos in their essays, blog posts, legal papers, and such. Its premium account contains some incredible features that will help you improve your writing abilities. But even without spending money, it’s still an essential instrument for beginner writers.

For basic accounts, it is possible to specify the purpose of your text, including the style, mood, level of formality, and what audience it is designed for, which is, obviously, might be of tremendous value. When you write, Grammarly simultaneously updates the word count and offers immediate corrections to grammar errors. It also evaluates the accuracy, coherence, clarity, appeal, and delivery of your writing. 

IA Writer

IA Writer is a tool for bloggers who operate with brief posts or essays. This writing software is compatible with all Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, iMac) and includes the Focus Mode feature that helps the user to maintain a distraction-free environment.

This tool is special among others because it features a big-screen mode that accentuates the line you’re currently typing and dims all other document elements. It’s an ideal instrument for those looking to increase their focus and keep their creative thinking process going strong as ever.

App’s creators selected fiction writers ( know more about it) as their target audience. IA writer comes with a minimalistic yet stylish interface. It’s a beautiful, uncomplicated word processor that allows you to sync your work across all your devices. 


This application lets you register daily ideas that pop spontaneously and fade away fast. Making quick notes when thoughts arise is an excellent way of capturing glimpses of inspiration in a moment or overcoming writer’s block. Evernote is a note-taking tool definitely worth exploring.

Also, you can save any new pieces of text you’d like to read in the future or manage your writing prompts that you will be able to return to at any time when you’re ready to resume working on them. 

This writing app comes with several other features, for instance, the transcription mode that effectively allows you to convert your voice notes into text 


iMindMap is mainly used to design mind maps for novels and essays. This writing tool allows us to complete texts promptly. It is strongly advised to outline your work as an integral component of the writing process for non-fiction writers that want to improve their regular word count. iMindMap is more of an organizer that helps you recall what you’ve already outlined.

This technique is especially effective when you record your mind maps as articles. This way, you’ll not get lost in the book because of being swamped by the number of ideas. iMindMap is regarded as the most cutting-edge tool for mind mapping currently available, with less expensive alternatives being MindNode or MindMeister. 


It’s a wonderful and, in fact, kind of priceless thing to have these tools nowadays! Writing is gradually and steadily becoming easier because our software developers are committed to developing tools to help spread quality content in this digital age.

You may use these applications as much and long as you will; however, you should remember that they will never be a complete substitute for a person’s writing powers. It is important to develop as an individual and gain more wisdom in the various aspects of your life, as your experiences will be your key weapon to becoming a well-known writer – a rule that remains constant across all millennia.

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