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Are you looking for some famous brands to buy jewelry? Well, you are on the right page then. We have a list of Top Indian Jewellery Brands for you.  

You cannot separate Indian history and tradition from Jewellery. You cannot name an occasion where women don’t wear ornaments. Indian Jewellery is not only for show but a significant part of the economic and social status as well. No matter in which corner of the world you are, you can’t deny the relation between Indian women and Jewellery. Since the earliest times of the Vedic period, Indian women have considered Jewellery as the most precious possession. 

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When we buy Jewellery, expensive gold, platinum, or diamond Jewellery, the first question that arises deals with the brands’ authenticity, reliability, and trustworthiness. Here is a list of the ten most trustworthy and reliable Indian Jewellery Brands from where you can buy Jewellery without worrying much. 


Tanishq is the biggest and the most trustworthy jewelry brand in India. Tata Company and TIDCO back the brand, and it is a division of the Titan Company. Founded in 1994, since then, its fame only grew among people in India. Tanishq, launched in the 1980s, became the first jewelry retail brand in India.  

Tanishq also offers online services. You can buy Jewellery online from the most trusted online jewelry store in India, CaratLane. You can buy Jewellery from Tanishq with your eyes closed. They never charge gold rates for stones and provide the best gold exchange value. 

Kalyan Jewellers 

There is no chance that we could miss Kalyan Jewellers. Kalyan Brand is one of the most successful brands in India. It is famous for sarees, silk, and Jewellery. It is the largest jewelry store chain in India. The headquarters is present in the state of Kerala. Kalyan Company began retailing in Jewellery in the year 1993. You can find thousands of designs, ranging from traditional designs to heavy work designs to contemporary designs.  

PC Jewellers 

PC Jewellers began even before India got independence. Founded in 1939, the jewelry rand has been thriving since. It is among the most trusted jewelry brands in India and the most preferred choice of people.  

PC Jewellers has the most extensive jewelry collection in the country, including ideal jewelry designs for each occasion. There are around 84 showrooms of PC Jewellers in India, spread across 70 cities and 19 states.  

SHUBH Jewellers 

If Best Craftsmanship were an award, it would be stuck on the crown of Shubh Jewellers. It comes under the Rajesh Export Limited. Shubh Jewellers began in 2012 as a retail brand name of the company. There are about 80 stores and showrooms of Shubh Jewellers in the state of Karnataka alone.  

Malabar Gold and Diamonds 

Malabar is among the topmost brands of Jewellery according to the 2021 list of top Indian Jewellery brands. It is a famous brand in more than ten countries, and it is the largest chain of jewelry stores globally, with more than 250 stores across the globe. The two most famous lines of Jewellery of the Malabar Gold and Diamonds are the Era Jewellery and the Precia Diamond. Mine Diamonds and Divine are the other two brands of Malabar Gold and Diamonds, which are very popular. 

Bhima Jewellers 

Bhima Jewellers is insanely famous in South India. South India is known for its pure quality and heavy gold jewelry. If you get to visit South India someday, make sure you visit Bhima Jewellers. The Jewellery showcased in the stores of Bhima Jewellers has no match anywhere else in the country. The heavyweight designs and elaborate traditional work make it stand out from all. It is primarily famous in Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. The most astonishing collections of Bhima Jewellers include the Bengali heavyweight designs, Karwar precious Stone, Tamil Nadu designs, Nellore color Stone and Traditional Kerala designs. 


TBZ, Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri, is the oldest jewelry brand in India. It has as many as 37 showrooms in the country, with the largest store built in Mumbai. The latest innovation in the Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri or the TNZ brand is men’s Jewellery, and the brand recently added the men’s jewelry segment to its showroom in Mumbai.  

Joyalukkas Jewellers 

Joyalukkas Jewellers originated in Kerala, and the brand is famous in India and around the globe. There are more than 140 stores of Joyalukkas Jewellers in the world. You must consider Joyalukkas Jewellers if you are looking for the latest and vast collection of jewelry designs.  

Amrapali Jewellers 

Amrapali Jewellers is a brand of Jaipur. The jewelry designs under this brand are highly customized to give a Rajasthani look, and they promote Jaipur designs. Along with this, the Amrapali Jewellers also operate a museum for showcasing their most intricate jewelry pieces.  


The Kolkata-based Jewellery brand, Senco, also made its way to our top Indian Jewellery brands. The Jewellery here is notable as the Bengali karigars, known for their customer-centricity, authenticity, and delicate hand, prepare these designs themselves. The Jewellery of Senco is also affordable, making it a brand you must check on.  

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This brings us to the end of the Top Indian Jewellery Brands. The legacy of Jewellery stands unmatched in the Indian subcontinent, and it is not only auspicious but also a symbol of status in the country. The list mentions ten of the best Jewellery brands in India. If you are searching for the best store to buy Indian Jewellery from, you must consider the list we provided above. The most famous Jewellery in India is gold, diamond, silver, and platinum. Besides the brands mentioned above, you can also look up to other brands such as D’damas under the Gitanjali group, C.Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers, or CKC  Josco Jewellers, and Orra Jewellers. Some online stores would help you find your favorite piece of Jewellery. BlueStone, CaratLane, Voylla, Pipa Bella, Isharya, and Candere are online jewelry stores. 

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