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Art is that powerful entity that binds us all together. It is that beautiful emotion that transcends all barriers created by Humanity and endorses the universalization of the human soul. An excellent piece of art has the power to nest in our hearts forever. 

A great piece of art is hard to come by and, at the same time, impossible to ever be forgotten. For Art lovers, the art galleries in India are nothing less than the personification of heaven on earth. It is the place where all the masterpieces of art ever created by humankind are put on display.

It’s a place where different perspectives, ideas, and emotions communicate with each other transcending the rules and boundaries set by time.

India has undoubtedly been blessed with many eminent, talented, and skilled artists who shared their thoughts and feelings through the canvas. Similarly, there are several art galleries in India spread across its states. These galleries in India are home to some of the most popular and most admired artworks to be ever created in the history of Humanity. Visiting these art galleries will once again remind you of the varied cultural heritage that India is the proud home to.

1. Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata


The Academy of Fine Arts is one of the most famous art galleries situated in India. Established in 1933, the art gallery has been the home of many famous and mesmerizing paintings from around the world. The Gallery has both the paintings of Indian artists as well as the foreign artists. 

The paintings of various eminent poets such as Rabindranath Tagore, Jamini Roy, M F Hussien, and Nandalal Bose, are also displayed here. The most famous paintings in this Gallery include “A Winter’s Evening” and “Girl With A Pitcher”, painted by Rabindranath Tagore. Location on Google Map


Situated in Mumbai, the Jehangir Art Gallery has earned a unique place among India’s art galleries, mainly in close association with the development of Indian contemporary art. 

Jehangir Art Gallery was established in 1952 and housed the paintings of many prominent artists such as Jamini Roy and Arpita Singh. Apart from paintings, the Gallery is also home to scriptures, photographs, and various brilliant crafts. 

This art gallery is undoubtedly one that should be visited at least once by a true art lover. The blissful ambiance and glorious paintings would assuredly enchant the observer. Location on Google Map

Image – Nicolas Mirguet/Flickr

One of the most recently established Art Galleries in India, the National Gallery of Modern Art in Bangalore, had been quick to earn itself a place in India’s most renowned art galleries. 

The Gallery consists of close to five hundred paintings by eminent artists. The collection also contains works of both traditional as well as modern art. Here the brilliance of great Indian painters such as Raja Ravi Varma, Jamini Roy, and Amrita Sher-Gil can be felt through their paintings. Location on Google Map

Image – Tracy Hunter/Flickr

The capital state of India is also the home to a majestic art gallery in the country. The National Gallery of Modern Art was established as part of an initiative by the Government of India. Established as early as 1954, the Gallery has more than a thousand paintings, collected from artists across India as well as from abroad. The most celebrated artists here include Jamini Roy and Raja Ravi Varma. Location on Google Map


The Aakriti Art Gallery mainly functions from two centers, namely Kolkata and New Delhi. The art Gallery is now one of the most loved art galleries in India. The gallery showcases paintings and sculptures. The art gallery also offers visitors the option to buy artworks from them, either directly or online. Location on Google Map


The Government Museum and Art Gallery is an art gallery with a difference. The art Gallery has different sections allotted for diverse artworks such as paintings, sculptures, and architecture. Indian miniature paintings, portraits, and Indian contemporary art are all showcased here. The paintings of Nandalal Bose, Rabindranath Tagore, Raja Ravi Varma, among others, can also be found here. Location on Google Map

7. Government Museum, Chennai


Also alternatively called Madras museum, the Government Museum situated in Chennai is also known all over the country for being India’s second oldest museum and art gallery. The paintings of The Mugal era, the Tanjore Painting era can be found in the museum, along with the paintings of eminent artists such as Raja Ravi Varma. Location on Google Map

8. Indian Museum, Kolkata


Situated in the historic and culturally rich state of Kolkata, the Indian museum in Kolkata was established in 1814. The Gallery is famous for upholding and displaying the cultural heritage of India. The Gallery has four sections each section has been provided with a particular kind of painting. The four areas include the Mughal Painting Gallery, Decorative Art, Bengal painting Gallery as well as the textile Gallery. Location on Google Map

9. National Museum, New Delhi


The National Museum of New Delhi stands unrivaled as the largest collector of miniature paintings in India. Established as early as 1949, the Gallery has both the paintings of modern artists and the artworks of the Mugal, Deccan, Rajasthan artists. Location on Google Map

10. Victoria Memorial in Kolkata

Victoria Memorial-Kolkata

Established in 1921, the Victoria Memorial art gallery has a collection of both native as well as foreign painters. The Gallery has specific sections allotted to Indian miniature, Royal Gallery, Culcutta gallery, and Indian and foreign paintings. The paintings of Artists such as Charles D’Oyly, William Simpson can also be found in the Gallery. Location on Google Map


Situated in Kerala, the Sri Chitra Art Gallery was opened to the public in 1935 and has been one of the most prominent art galleries in the state and the country. 

The art gallery houses several Masterpieces of the legendary artist Raja Ravi Varma. Apart from this, the paintings of K Padmanabhan, V S Valiathan, and Govindan Achari can also be found here. Location on Google Map

Image – Darpan Art Gallery/FB

The beauty of this decade-old art gallery is its soothing yet highly artistic in nature. Located on the Kalacchaya Campus of Gokhale Nagarhe, the most striking policy about this art gallery is its ideology of promoting young artists in the form of paintings, sketches, sculptures or visual art. The space is simple compared to most other galleries so that it doesn’t shift focus from the art on display. They also sell these artworks here have incredibly peaceful and comfortable places for visitors to lounge at. Location on Google Map

13. Kashi Art Cafe, Kochi

Image – Kashi Art Cafe/FB

Known as the pioneer of Fort Cochin’s art revival, Kashi displays unique exhibitions of local artists in a creatively restored Dutch heritage house, attached to one of Kerala’s most popular cafes. Anoop Scaria, a connoisseur of art, was the founder of the Kashi Art Gallery. It aims at encouraging budding artists so the display includes work of local artists and is always updated regularly. Over the last twelve years Kashi Art Gallery and Café have become the hub of Kochi’s art scene and the most popular hangout in the area for young locals and tourists.

The gallery has hosted some of the most important contemporary art exhibitions in the city, showcasing the work of artists such as NN Rimzon, Sosa Joseph, Zakkir Hussein, Valsan Koorma Kolleri and Anant Joshi. Location on Google Map

Image – MahuaThe Art Gallery/FB

Based in Bangalore, the Mahua Art Gallery was founded in 2002 by Meena Jaipuria, and has since become one of the foremost Indian galleries offering contemporary Indian art by emerging and established artists. It has hosted exhibitions in Bangalore and have held exhibitions in all other Indian metropolitan cities & London, UK; along with an online gallery that caters to international collectors and has enabled them to view, appreciate and acquire art from their handpicked selection.  

The gallery is more than just a commercial space for art; it houses the Mahua Arts foundation that aspires to bring together artists, art lovers, collectors, students and scholars through various education and presentation initiatives Location on Google Map

15. Artchill Galleries, Jaipur

Image – Artchill Galleries/FB

Founded in 1994 by Sangeeta Juneja, Gallery Artchill is located in the west wing of the famous Amber Fort, and has now become one of the biggest modern and contemporary art galleries in India. It has created unique and vast corridors of art inside the fort and has also established the museum “Eternity” which showcases National Art Treasures.  The gallery is primarily responsible for introducing the concept of Contemporary Art in Rajasthan. 

In last 24 years Artchill has sponsored 132 Art shows, and showcased Indian art in various International Art events. Artchill exhibits a diverse palette of creative & multimedia art by both well established and emerging contemporary artists with brilliant performances. Gallery Artchill has approximately 2,500 works of art in stock at present. Location on Google Map

16. Project 88, Mumbai

Image – Project88/FB

The daughter product of Galerie 88, Kolkata, Project 88 was started in Mumbai by Sree Goswami. The 4000 square feet gallery is housed in a century-old metal printing press in Colaba with a roster of some of the most thoughtful and exciting artists working in the Indian subcontinent today. 

From its inception in 2006, Project 88 has strived to support experimental, avante garde and ambitious artwork in all media by artists whose practice have strong conceptual foundations. It is committed to the discovery and nurturing of emerging talent, even as it works with cutting-edge, intelligent, internationally known mid-career artists from South Asia and elsewhere which can be seen through its participation in various art fairs, museum shows both nationally and internationally. Location on Google Map

The art galleries in India are some of the major destinations for the tourist. Apart from being a source of enjoyment and pleasure, these galleries also educate the observer about the country’s history. It serves as a common invisible thread that holds us all together in the name of Humanity.

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