Living In Harmony With Nature, Art Exhibition by Dharshana Bajaj


Artist Dharshana Bajaj

A passionate, surreal Art exhibition titled ‘Living In Harmony With Nature’ by Dharshana Bajaj is being displayed in Chennai on the 19th of March 2022.

Dharshana Bajaj is an Indian artist who lives and works in Chennai. Her greatest inspiration is Nature. And her favourite theme is depicting people living in harmony with Nature, with the awareness that they are “a part” of it, not “apart” from it. In her work, she is largely guided by her understanding of Advaitha philosophy, which considers that we are all one, interconnected with Nature and each other on a very quantum level. Dharshana’s preferred media are oil paints on canvas, watercolours and drawings on paper, as well as digitally modified art. 


Largely self-taught, she believes her mission in life is to add greater beauty to the world and inspire people to live in harmony with Nature.

The event is being inaugurated at The Painter’s Garden by Ashrafi S. Bhagat, who is a well renowned art historian, critic and curator.

Dharshana Bajaj Artist 01

Paintings, Drawings, Digital Art prints and a lot more are on display at this exhibition. Make sure to drop in on the 19th and 20th of March 2022 between 11am to 7pm. If you’re in Chennai it is a must-visit!

Dharshana Bajaj Artist Exhibition

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