10 Best Fine Art Schools of India to Build a Career in Visual Arts


10-Best-Fine-Arts-Schools-of-IndiaArt, in its essence, brings out the inward significance of a work, other than simply portraying the outward visual for aesthetic pleasure. The study of creating visual works of art that tell stories of the artist’s aesthetic sense and also lays itself bare to be interpreted by the viewer’s perception is known as the Fine Arts. Such is appreciated primarily due to their imaginative and intellectual content and includes painting, dancing, music, architecture, sculpting, photography, film, and drama, to name a few. 

India’s ancient tradition has been moving hand in hand with the fast developments and innovations in various fields in the country. As a result, professional and creative young artists are demanded to explore and grab the numerous opportunities that cross their paths.

Be it as a painter, a film-maker, in print media, or in advertising, India’s evolving economics has opened platforms for Fine Arts to flourish and be respected. Several institutions have held the torch to guide and nurture budding artists through an extensive and upgraded curriculum and methods of teaching. We look in detail into ten of such renowned establishments below. 

1. College of Arts, Delhi University

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Established in 1942, College of Art is an institution that emphasizes practical work in the classroom or studio, prescribed theory subjects and research in selected fields. The faculty that guide and train the students include artists, painters, designers and sculptors of both national and international stature. Their expertise and experience in the contemporary world of fine arts enrich the students with knowledge in their respective fields of practice. The Annual Art Exhibition held by the college witnesses the endeavour to educate the students on how to make the best of their lives. The cultural events performed during the exhibition include contemporary as well as traditional aspects of Fine Art. Visit Official website –

2. Faculty of Visual Arts, Banaras Hindu University

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The Faculty of Visual Arts is one of the leading institutions in the university and offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes in various fields of the study. There are five different Departments in the Faculty of Visual Arts that include Painting, Applied Arts, Plastic arts, Pottery and ceramics, and textile designing. Reputable alumni of the faculty who hold distinguished positions in fields of designing, painting and sculpting set an example on how the institution cultivates the individual creativity of the students that are directed to bring a change in the society. Visit Official website –

3. Faculty of Fine Arts, Maharaja Sayajirao University

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The Faculty of Fine Arts of Maharaja Sayajirao University was established in 1950 and focuses on developing the individuality of the students with knowledge of both Indian and Western traditions and philosophies. The teachers strive to provide attention in accordance with each of the student’s individual creative and cognitive abilities as well as methods of expression. The department has its own specialised libraries, it arranges film shows and visits to exhibitions and museums invites honourable artists, holds constructive workshops and other innovative programmes. Its consistent mentoring aims at nurturing the students to incorporate in them the best of knowledge and practices from cultures all over the world and make responsive and perceptive individuals out of them. Visit Official website –

4. Faculty of Fine Arts, Jamia Millia Islamia University


When the Faculty was founded back in 1951, in the post-colonial scenario of the nation, it was regarded as an imperative to study and train in arts and crafts which would help in acquiring a deeper understanding of life in the contemporary world. By integrating modern methods and techniques, education is imparted. Commitment is conferred upon the growth of an individual by bringing coherence the diversity of both eastern and western traditions. As of present, the faculty comprises the departments of Applied Art, Sculpture, Painting, Art Education, Graphic Art and Art History and Appreciation. Amidst an atmosphere of discovery, creativity and exploration, the departments offer a range of graduate and postgraduate programmes, including the country’s first and only Master’s degree in Art Education. Visit Official website –

5. Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts, University of Mysore


Mysore University established the exclusive college that would aim to propagate the Fine Arts. The University of Fine Arts under the University of Mysore was established in the year 1981 an academic institution focusing on performing arts. The college has a library with a well-catalogued collection of about fifteen thousand books and journals, which serves among the most valuable libraries in the state that pertains to the visual arts.

As the pivot of fine arts activities in the University of Mysore, the college protects the rich, cultural heritage of Performing Arts. Academic courses offered include undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programmes in Visual Arts, namely Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, Applied Arts, History of Arts and Photography and Photojournalism. Read more

6. Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai


The primary aim of the institution is to impart specialised and professional training in Visual Communication. With a strong emphasis on individualistic attention and adapting according to the needs and developments of the changing times, the institute utilises the method of “Learning by Doing” and increases the student’s proficiency in the fields through active participation in the classes. Students are encouraged to challenge their bounds, discover the extents of their mind and master the art according to their capabilities.

The undergraduate and postgraduate courses of Applied Art impart learning extensively under several compartments, like that of History of Visual Communication, Illustration, Photography, Typography, Nature and Object drawing, Exhibition Design and Stagecraft, Computer Graphics and numerous practicals. Visit Official website –

7. Kala Bhavan, Visva Bharati University

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The distinguished Kala Bhavan under the Visva Bharati University of Shantiniketan is a renowned centre for study and research in the Visual Arts. It brings to life the culture-centric modernism that Rabindranath Tagore was a stalwart proponent of. This tradition of individualistic artistry that grows in a contemporary social environment was later carried forward by novelties like Nandalal Bose and Ramkinkar Baij. Today, Kala Bhavan also keeps alive this spirit of subjective visual experience, the reflection of universal humanism, and enthusiasm for experimentation that is the core of education in the institution. Active practice in the studio, innovative lectures, discussions, exposure to the latest developments and exhibitions keep the creative atmosphere thriving, as the students get ample opportunity to sharpen their individual sensibilities for future prospects.

The foundation of the academic courses offered is broad and includes subjects like Painting, Graphic Art, Textile Designing, Ceramic and Glass Designing, History of Art and Sculpting. Other than the usual undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma courses, the faculty of Kala Bhavan comprises certificate courses, advanced diploma, foreign casual course, Indian casual course and Bridge course in History of Art. Visit Official website –

8. L.S Raheja University


Formerly known as the Bandra School of Art, L.S Raheja School of Art was founded in 1953. As a result of an increase in globalisation, India has to adapt economically to new ideas and techniques in approaching various fields, like business, trade and finance. Opportunities and scope in electronic and print media are now wider than ever and growing still, thus the L.S. Raheja School of Art has developed a computer-oriented course in Visual and Communication Art.

This course nurtures the potential of the students, thereby aiding them to become competent professionals. The school also conducts specialised courses on Drawing, Painting and Applied Art and offers Certificate courses in Craft Teacher, Certificate in Photography, Diploma in Digital Film Making, Undergraduate Diploma in Visual and Communication Art, Diploma in Fashion Technology and Undergraduate Diploma in 2D and 3D Animation. Visit Official website –

9. Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Fine Arts


Aiming to provide student-centric education in Fine Arts and Communication Design, the college hones the students as skilled professionals and responsible human beings. Qualitative training and well-structured academics based on latest developments in the field teams up with thorough assimilation of knowledge. The institute is committed to provide modernized facilities and infrastructure and create art awareness in society. The curriculum is regularly upgraded to meet industry expectations and is aligned accordingly for better opportunities in internships so that students acquire an upper hand during placements. The teachers continuously mould themselves through seminars, workshops and research work.

Prominent academicians and industry experts visit periodically to guide students through demonstrations and workshops, and with their experience and knowledge in Visual Art and its allied fields. Students are encouraged at all levels to take part in various state and national competitions, sports, exhibitions and other extracurricular activities. Undergraduate courses in Applied Art are offered. Visit Official website –

10. Aligarh Muslim University


The teaching program in the department is focused on quality results in both creative and research fields which have been achieved by periodic updating of syllabi to maintain relevance according to the advancement of knowledge in the subject. To provide better access to its learners, the department is working towards the increase of intake and introduction of specialized undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Commercial Arts and Art History and Aesthetics which will provide valuable documentation of both traditional and contemporary culture of Indian art.

Aiming for a multidimensional approach towards art, the prospects of the institution include cultural exchange programmes of excellence that would prepare both learners and teachers for projects and research. The institute also offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Fine Arts, with specialization in Painting, as well as constructive research programmes for PhD. Visit Official website –

It is the art and culture of a society that defines its identity, be it for the people or the nation. To contribute to the growth and prosperity of art is to contribute to the holistic development of the nation. The artist plays a significant role as a reformer, an educator, a documenter as well as the enhancer of sensibility. Thus, an art student seeks excellence in creative vision as well as perfection in the skills, as the opportunities in the field of creative art have seen a manifold increase in recent years.

It is of no surprise, therefore, that so many from the newer generations are setting upon the bewitching path of enrichment that has been set by their extraordinary predecessors, some of whom have been harbingers of new waves of development in art.

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