Food in Kolkata – Gastronomer’s Delight


Being a confluence for all types of people from across the world, food in Kolkata truly a gastronomer’s delight. One can sense that Bengali cuisine has a unique blend of Oriental and Indian culinary styles. The special dishes that deserve mention are ‘Sorshe Mach’ – fish cooked in mustard and oil, ‘Paturi’ – boneless fish steamed and cooked in a leaf, ‘Luchi with Cholar Dal’ – puri with pulses and the finally the mesmerizing ‘Mishti Doi’ – sweetened curd and ‘Roshogolla’ (Rasgulla)! In addition, no Bengali meal is complete without the mention of ‘Aloo Posto’ – potato with Poppy seeds, which is indeed a delicacy.

Kolkatans are crazy about food and they have a knack of trying out new dishes and experimenting with new recipes. Among fast food, Rolls and Golguppas are an all-time favourite. The Kolkata version of the famed Biryani has an additional egg and a big chunk of potato. For deserts, we have the best sweet meat ever made and if anybody disagrees to that, make sure they have a bellyful of ‘Chanar Sandesh’ – sweet made from cottage cheese) or ‘Shor Bhaja’ – another milk-based sweet and seal it off with a plate of ‘Darbesh’ – Bengali style Laddoos.

Food in Kolkata

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