Indian Home Decor Ideas that Reflect Indian Culture


There are several home decor items that are associated with the rich culture and heritage of India. Most Indians tend to include these items in their ethnic collection, as a reminder of the nation’s values and history.

Listed below are 5 Indian home décor ideas that represent Indian culture:

1. Warm colors and home décor:

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Shades of yellow, orange, and red are known as warm colors. Both bright and warm colors are used in Indian home décor in different ways. A few examples are, use of maroon or red carpets with yellow hue, polishing wooden furniture with gloss coating, use of mirrors in cushions, vibrant embroidery or glitter  and colorful light and dark shades of curtains, drapes or blinds, woven from natural materials. These will help create a cozy and colourful nest that embodies a quintessential Indian home.

2. Flowers/statues of gods:

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Indian culture is rooted in nature and hence vibrant and natural flowers like lotus, marigold, jasmine etc., are an essential part of Indian home décor. It is a way to honor nature and Mother Earth. In addition to natural flowers, you may also use artificial flowers to continue the floral ambience in your home.
A home in India cannot be complete without at least one statue of a goddess or god. They are integral to Indian home décor and promote a feeling of spirituality. You can opt for Durga or Ganesha idols or a picture of Ram or Krishna!

3. Different trinkets:

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There are several trinkets that are essentially rooted in Indian traditions and can be used as part of home décor. Incense or agarbatti sticks are used in Indian homes everywhere, even abroad, not just to bring positivity and ward off evil spirits, but also to keep the home sweet smelling and fragrant.
Similarly, you can also put a Kalash, i.e., a copper pot embellished with a coconut and mango leaves and/or copper lamps and tiny traditional bells in the prayer room. Kalash signifies the cycle of life while copper lamps usher in a feeling of heritage, happiness, and festivity.

4. Festivals Décor:

Rangoli Mural
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India is a land of festivals and Indian home décor takes on a different look and feel during festivals with special emphasis on a jovial and festive atmosphere at home.
Diwali is the ‘festival of lights’ and people decorate their homes with decorative electric lights, diyas or lamps, rangoli, and kandils or chandeliers. It is symbolic of overcoming darkness and evil by filling your home with light.
Indians install a colorfully decorated Ganesha idol in their homes during Ganesh Chaturthi. There is singing and dancing and prayers, and after 11 days the idol is immersed in sea with much fanfare.

5. Ethnic Indian Art:

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The tradition of painting and sculpting is a part of the rich culture, heritage, and history of India. Ethnic paintings and art form an inseparable part of Indian home décor. You can go for elaborate exotic paintings or tribal Warli art, Madhubani, or folk drawings. Hang these paintings on the walls that are easily visible.

Use the above Indian home décor tips to redecorate your home today.

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