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Art soothes one’s soul and mind. It gives voice to the inner feelings of the artist as well as the admirer. A person never finds a painting. It’s an artwork that finds the rightful admirer. The Indian Art market has seen the hype over the last few years. In the era of social media, where everyone lives in their virtual den, art has made a special place in people’s hearts, acting as a medium to express emotions for the artist and admirers. If you are an admirer of art, check this out. 

Here is a list of the best websites to buy Indian Paintings online.

1. Fizdi

Indian Paintings Online - Fizdi

Fizdi is bliss for art lovers. Here, you can find everything from Handmade, original paintings with the sign, Indian Theme paintings, digital art, canvas paintings, oil paintings, acrylic paintings, and watercolour paintings. The best part about this online Indian art store is that it is pocket-friendly. One can find a perfect artwork for their lobby wall within an affordable range of 5000 to 15000. Moreover, the art prints are available at costs as low as r450. 

The online store is famous the world over, getting orders from overseas as well. There are more than 60 themes and 40000+ curated artworks depicting varied themes. And helps the customers choose the best painting for them by allowing them to search by size and colour. Extending the customer service, they also provide an option to frame the picture. Running since 2009, Fizdi has served more than 150000 customers.  

Website: https://www.fizdi.com/ 

2. Artsera 

Indian Paintings Online - Artisera

Artsera is the second site on our list which has an exquisite range of artworks sourced from reputed and famous artists. One can buy Indian paintings, drawings, limited edition prints, sculptures, pichwais, rugs, artefacts, curios, and many more at this store. 

Artsera has been an active online store since 2015, founded by Ms Lisa Jain and Mr Varun Backliwal. It provides worldwide, personalized services. Keeping customers as the top priority, Artsera dwells in the six core promises, uncompromised quality, Fair pricing, buyer protection, impeccable curation, meticulous sourcing, and exceptional service. If you are a lover of art, you have to check this out!

Website: https://www.artisera.com/  

3. You.Art


“Art is for everyone”, says the tagline of India’s newly launched online art gallery aptly named You.Art which went live on 15th April 2022, the World Art Day.

The art portal promises to be unlike any other. The model is unique, promoting a fresh curation of 100 new artworks, every 100 days. The idea behind this innovative model is – to keep the website active and interesting for the customers to come back looking for more and new. And also to provide a platform for a larger network of promising Indian Contemporary Artists to showcase their art ranging from Abstract, Landscape, Seascape, Urbanscape, Figurative to Spiritual.  

To emphasise and bring awareness about the significance of Authenticity & Provenance, You.Art is one of the first Indian galleries to be associated with Tagsmart, an internationally reputed digital records organisation. 

The entire backend process – certifying the originality of the art work by the artist, its valuation, ease of payment and doorstep delivery have all been meticulously streamlined.

To own an authentic original painting from the comfort of your home. logon to www.you.art

4. Artoreal


Artoreal is a treasure house of paintings, photographs and digital art of various genres. From abstract to portraits, and heritage to landscape, the artworks range across a variety of categories to choose from. Artoreal believes in providing a platform to emerging artists and photographers and hobbyists along with renowned professionals. Artoreal is equipped with state-of-the art AR (Augmented Realty), giving you an immersive experience by letting you visualize how the art will look on your wall. In addition to the array of artwork, the site also offers exciting options in printing media and framing for photographs and digital paintings. Artoreal is a one-stop selection-to-wall site that delivers a delightful experience in buying as well as selling.

Website: www.artoreal.com

5. ArtZolo 

Indian Paintings Online - ArtZolo

ArtZolo has one of the best collections of Indian Art. One can find everything here, from ancient Indian heritage art forms to Indian contemporary art. If ancient art fascinates you, you might find your soulmate in the form of Artzolo. It has an extensive array of Indian skills, from murals to sculptures. 

ArtZolo creates a virtual marketplace for artists and art admirers. You can find the work of experienced and famous artists and the nouvelle artists with spectacular ideas and skills. This online art gallery has space for artworks ranging from sculptures, digital prints, original art, craft, home décor to photography. You can find artwork for the price as affordable as1000 to as expensive as 5,00,000+. One can filter the options by specifying medium, subject, type, as well as theme.

Website: https://www.artzolo.com/ 

6. MyIndianArt  

Indian Paintings Online - MyIndianArt  

MyIndianArt is among the most famous online art galleries in India. Operating on the artworks of emerging and upcoming Indian artists, it provides a wide range of art styles. However, the main paintings available in the gallery belong to contemporary and modern art. 

MyIndianArt also organizes big art shows co-branded by famous corporations like Seagram, Taj Bengal, ABN Amro Bank, and HSBC. The paintings available range from oil paintings to charcoal painting to other mediums like watercolour and acrylic. In contrast, the diverse subject range includes Abstract Paintings, Landscape Paintings, Portrait Paintings, Still Life Paintings, Figurative Paintings, and Mythological Paintings. 

It is one of the best options for first-time buyers as it provides an easy and user-friendly search option. Here, the customer can adjust Price, Size, Format, and Style as per preferences. A part of the sales is donated to Netaji Cancer Research Institute, Kolkata (NCRI), for a good cause.

Website: https://www.myindianart.com/ 

7. BestOfBharat 

Indian Paintings Online - BestOfBharat 

BestOfBharat is an Indian site to recognize and popularise Indian Art and talent. The site provides an exotic collection of aesthetic paintings for your home décor. The modern art styles, vintage illustrations, botanical images, line art, and other themes make it a hotspot for aesthetic art admirers.   

It has a long list of beautiful, quality prints and, more importantly, trending paintings. The site suits well to the ones who wish to get the Wester-Indian house walls within affordable ranges.

Website: https://bestofbharat.com/  

8. Saatchi Art  

Indian Paintings Online - Saatchi Art  

Saatchi Art is another virtual Indian art gallery with an out-bursting range of modern and contemporary artworks. It has over 765,598 original Fine Art paintings. The aim of this gallery makes it unique and stand out from the rest. Since 2010, Saatchi Art aims to establish a platform for upcoming artists to show contemporary European Art in India and contemporary Indian art abroad. Hence, dissolving the gap between the modern skills. It is a New Delhi-based art gallery with the best artworks from prominent and highly skilled artists worldwide. 

Website: https://www.saatchiart.com/ 

9. IndiGalleria  

Indian Paintings Online - IndiGalleria  

IndiGalleria is one of the most prominent online art galleries in India. It claims a 100% guaranteed range of authentic artworks at a wide range of prices. It connects skilled and talented artists and customers all over the country. 

Most of the artwork in the gallery comprises original handmade paintings. The medium and style vary from abstract oil paintings, canvas acrylic, Madhubani, figurative paintings, and sculptors. 

Website: https://www.indigalleria.com/ 

10. Kulture Shop  

Indian Paintings Online - Kulture Shop  

Founded with the sober aim of redefining Indian visual identity, Kuture Shop is a 21st-century virtual shop promoting the Indian Culture Wave at a global level. The gallery focuses on graphic artists working on varied subjects and themes. Other than original paintings, you can find printed T-shirts, tote bags, pouches, cushion covers, mugs, coasters, notebooks, and printed paintings as well. All of the products are in Indian art style, designed by young Indian artists. 

Site: https://www.kultureshop.in/ 

11. Gallerist 

Indian Paintings Online - Gallerist 

Gallerist provides a powerful platform for artists to show their talent and to customers like us to promote and support them. The site flashes a hot bag of sheer skills and aesthetics. The paintings stretch from familiar landscape paintings to mind-blogging religious paintings. One can filter the results using the category and surface of the image. The customers get to choose their favourite from a list of thousands of illustrations of each class. The affordable prices, great reviews, and surreal artworks make it an excellent option for you to buy Indian Art from. 

Website: https://www.gallerist.in/ 

12. Eikowa 

Indian Paintings Online - Eikowa 

If you are an art enthusiast and enjoy buying paintings, you would have heard of this site. The product list includes artworks of renowned and loved artists from all over the country. You can find the mesmerizing work of famous artists like G Subramanian, Amit Bhar, Vinita Karim, and Jagannath Paul on this site. There are 12 main art styles to explore, ranging from prices under 50,000 to above Rupees five lakhs. 

Website: https://www.eikowa.com/ 

The art market has been ever-growing since the old times. A good artwork decorates not only your house wall but also your inner soul. Indian Art is spectacular, with various art styles and enriching themes. This vast collection of Indian Art from all over the country would satisfy your passion for Indian Art. 

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  1. Nero Art Hub is a fine art gallery in New Delhi that is into collecting, preserving, selling and arranging exhibitions for the various affordable art forms.

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  3. Nice information about some of the leading Art gallery of India. We have also started an online painting buying website. Our gallery name is ” Incon Art Gallery”. Artists of any medium an style can upload their paintings here absolutely free of cost. Please visit our website and we are waiting for your expert opinion about how we can improve it.

  4. Thank you for this post.I chanced on this while looking for art sites to sell my paintings online and this has been helpful.
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  6. Very useful information. Thank you so much. I am an self taught artist and this information will be useful to sell my Paintings. I am new in selling my Art works but I could sell a few of my paintings through 1 or 2 websites but these websites will be helpful for the more reach.

  7. Hi I am Nina Diddan and I do different kinds of paintings,want to sell them,I am also into pot making painting,bottle painting and other kinds of craft works,help me

  8. Hi, I am looking for a few family pictures to be redone in oil painting. Anyone here who is interested in doing it at a reasonable price. Thanks in advance


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