Mumbai Street Art – A Deep Perspective of Vivid Expressions


Image – Sindhu Shekharan Thakur

Street Art is a form of expression which shapes up the wholesome role of dedicated fate which is so dynamic. Anything on the street is not that of the artist but that of the viewer who tests the perception. The perception is built on either reality in general or the more so on reality of the artist.

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Mumbai the city which never sleeps, the city where everyone needs to dare in order to survive makes way for the most daring people who have nothing to lose. This daring is not out of a rebellion. It is in fact driven out of the sheer need to express the voice with the compulsion of being bigger than the voice. 

Chapel Road, Bandra – Avishek Datta/Flickr

The voice becomes so huge that the name of the artist gets lost in the process.  The process gives rise to ultimate opportunities which cannot be contained. It gives a voice to a unison calling. Most of the times it just looks visually so amazing that it is value addition to the locality it is painted on.

The value addition becomes a recognized effort which cannot be discounted. The complete countdown comes to the repulse or recall depending on the viewer. The viewer encourages the artist to express more and the person who can express becomes the person who can instill life in the street art.

Image – Bollywood Art Project – BAP

The meaning of art finds yet another addition through Nostalgia, Bollywood, Political Views, Personal views, Opinions, etc. That is why this form of art is so appreciated in Mumbai. It turns around the line of events into the most defined norm of cohabitance.  The norms cannot be spilled over for convenience but they need to be revoked by the awakening of the very spirit. 

Street Art allows a lot of scope for contemplation, growth and reminiscence. This makes up for any lost time that anyone can encounter when one does need to fulfil the norms of greatness.

Image – Qihui/Flickr

Street Art is the impactful choice of words which scoops up the force of nature. This means that the complete tribute comes from the honesty in art. The nurturing makes the realism shine through. The astounding drama in Art is makes way for the complete faith of time.  The vigilance of drama is known to configure the honesty of art. 

Street Art contemplates the depth in Art which cannot be measured in any other form. The magic of Street Art is called the revitalizing of the dissociation. The dissociation cannot be removed from the surrounding. Street Art resembles a known passion of things. 

Image – Bollywood Art Project – BAP

The passion comes from the very tribute to recognize the belonging of the soul. The soul can measure the type of knowledge forming the capsule towards the forthcoming prize of existence. Passion is what drives a person towards the betterment. The betterment is about finding the balance in society. This makes the balance repel the understated and nobody can make the revolution uptight. 

The revolution is a part of society which is to make up for any uptight beliefs. The beliefs are the ones which cannot be seen as the false but a version of alter-ego. The alter-ego is usually the way of life which needs to be managed through various creative outlets which make us surface from nothingness. The nothingness comes from the place where the contribution is known to be massive. The ruling of a countdown cannot be negated. 

Image – Qihui/Flickr

The whole idea of having street art is to allow the times to flow. Ignorance can never be bliss what Street Art does in a place like Mumbai is wake up towards the reality. The consumer is to find himself in the chase, that is what makes up the role of realization real. The expressions are all known to be circumvented with knowledge, power, expression and empathy. 

There is no ignorance in anything which makes up for the space which is occupied with the colorful opinionated murals in Mumbai. The full place is known for its drama and there is nothing which can let loose of all the drama. 

Image – Satish Krishnamurthy/Flickr

The drama showcases the depth of character which leads us towards the extension of what to expect from the artist. The expectation is due to the bearing of the soul. The soul talks to the most known form of recollection which cannot be touched. As the Art is completely visually appealing and it does stir up the soul as it is. 

The soul makes up the passion to revitalize the goal of every person even when the collapses, collisions and composures shine through. This is the form of art that we are going to view over a period of time on the Streets of Mumbai. Especially through the mind of the painter and by way of making him feel that even his voice has been heard over and over again.


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