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Artists are born in different circumstances. Some show an exemplary talent at a very young age and rise up the ladder of fame and skill. Some discover their true calling later in life. For some the art gradually grows into a passion, whereas, others rediscover it after having longed for it in the hustle and bustle of life. Shalini Bisht was always fond of art from a very young age. But she left it behind in the pursuit of studies and then job pressure. However, during her maternity leave she found the time to rediscover her love and started exploring her artistic journey with a renewed zeal. And it was during then that Creative Kalakari was born.


Creative Kalakari founded by Shalini is an art platform for creating products, as well as, organizing learning workshops. Shalini teaches and creates Mandala art and has already taught more than hundred students this unique and therapeutic art form. She loves painting and besides Mandala art, specializes in acrylic paintings and also makes customized orders for clients. Besides selling her artwork, she has also had her paintings and art work displayed in various exhibitions.


However, the most striking quality about Shalini is that she is a self-taught artist. As a child she enjoyed art and credits her mother as the biggest inspiration behind it. Yet, she learnt art initially on her own through the internet and her own interest. In fact, she holds a degree in M.Com and is a Digital Media Marketer in a real estate company in Gurugram.  A proud mother it is only her sheer love and passion for her art that has helped her churn out an alternate professional path as she gallops along it steadily, not only learning and creating herself, but also, educating and teaching many others the joys and detailing of her artwork.

We spoke to Shalini to learn more about Creative Kalakari and art in general.

Q: What are the various products or services that you offer through Creative Kalakari?

A: I conduct online and offline workshops of Mandala art. I make custom orders of Mandala art and Acrylic paintings for clients. I also sell my artworks.


Q: Which type of arts do you bring into your products? Is it digital graphic work, traditional art forms, painting etc.?

A: I have specialized in Mandala art, so in many of my paintings you will see the glimpses of the Mandala art form. But I also love to paint Indian traditional art forms like Madhubani & Warli Paintings.

Q: How do you think traditional arts of India can be marketed and sustained? Or do you think they have to be combined with digital arts etc. to survive better?

A: Indian art is already recognized worldwide. Mandala art is the best example of that because many foreigners are creating the art form and they are using it as a meditative art therapy. Yes, a combination of traditional art and digital art is good. But in my opinion the art which is made by hand will always have a special place.


Q: What advice would you give to creative artists, especially women who are good with such kind of artistry or making crafts, decorations, home items etc? How or what would you suggest to them to enhance their skill?

A: Being a social media professional I know the importance of social media. It plays a vital role in today’s world. I think if you have the skill then you should try to enhance it more by using the internet. In my case I am also a self-taught artist and I have learnt everything on my own from the internet initially. So I would advise house wives or working women to always groom their skills and use social media to promote your art or craft. If one has the will and desire one can do anything. Where there is a will there is a way and so keep learning! Never stop learning new skills to enhance your own passion. And who knows you can turn your skill into a profitable business venture too.


Q: As a creator and artist, what joys and challenges do you face while creating your art.

A: Whenever I get time I make art seriously because it relaxes my mind and gives me pleasure. It’s a stress buster and healing therapy for me. The only challenge I face is the lack of time due to my full time job. But I always try to find time on weekends and make it happen because after all it’s all about priority and passion.


Q: Finally, what are your future plans?

A: I want to promote the Indian Mandala art form to as many people by teaching them.  And so I am working to reach out to as many art lovers as I can.

There are many workshops where Shalini personally teaches Mandala art.

For further details about Creative Kalakari, its products and services check out the following:

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