Top 10 Diwali Fashion Trends for 2022 to Exude Festive Sentiments



The holiday season has arrived, ready to brighten your homes and adorn your wardrobes with more pomp. It’s time for the Diwali festival, which is filled with zeal and glitz. It is undeniably a celebrated celebration that crosses age, ethnicity, and religious lines. While it is usual to clean and decorate your home during holidays, Diwali is also an excellent opportunity to show off your outfits. For this occasion, we all like dressing up in our finest Indian traditional costume since it honors Indian culture in all its splendor. These are the days to flaunt your finest silk sarees, picture-perfect lehengas, and other types of wardrobe opulence. If you are still unsure about your Diwali attire, we are here to assist you. Here is a selection of Diwali dress ideas that are fashionable, sophisticated, and exude festive sentiments.

Diwali Fashion Trends for 2022

Fashion trends are constantly changing and developing, ranging from loose clothing to print-on-print. What’s the most remarkable part? You do not always have to stock up on new clothing to keep up with the latest trends and fashion. Rummaging through your closet for the ideal mix and match will suffice.

You may peruse online fashion shops, choose your favorites, and have them all delivered to your doorsteps for free or at a bit of cost. Let’s get right in and discover what’s hot in fashion in 2022. We’ve rounded together the finest and trendiest Diwali costume designs.

Let’s get right in and discover what’s hot in fashion in 2022. We’ve rounded together the finest and trendiest Diwali costume designs.

1. Florals

Diwali Fashion Trends for 2022, Florals

When is floral not in style? No way. It goes with everything and still looks good. These are a wardrobe must-have. Refresh your wardrobe with flower designs in vibrant colors or delicate patterns to complement the season’s blossoms. Floral motifs come in light, monochromatic, bright, and tropical shades. These summer-patterned dresses are stylish and comfortable. You may wear flowery Anarkalis with flared palazzo trousers and sparkling decorations or pastel shoes and purses with outfits.

2. Seasonal hues

Diwali Fashion Trends for 2022, Seasonal-hues

Colors like red, orange, and turquoise look great with blue denim, yellow and green, purple and coral, or purple bottoms and white tops. Bright colors are ideal for this weather to enhance mood and vitality.

You may also choose from neutrals like tan and maroon, pastels like pink and light blue, or soft pink and gray.

3. Bold style

Diwali Fashion Trends for 2022, Body-Style

Indian off-shoulder shirts and embroidered blouses now feature ballooning puffed sleeves, as seen in delicate Victorian costumes and long beautiful Juliet sleeved skirts. The trendy sleeves are practical and circle your shoulders.

Crop tops, maxi tunics, and cotton kurtas are popular choices for statement sleeves. You may find a lot of bargains online.

4. Anarkalis

Diwali Fashion Trends for 2022, Anarkalis
Image –

Anarkalis are truly timeless. These gowns feature a stunning shape inspired by the legend of the same-named courtesan who once stole the heart of a royal prince. The form of the garment corresponds perfectly to the definition of anarkali — a delicate bud/pomegranate flower. An Anarkali is the ideal costume for meeting your own prince this Diwali. Choose a floor-length anarkali to create drama and volume. Choose light and flowing fabrics like chiffon, mul, or georgette to offer a modern and trendy twist to your style, and feel free to skip the dupatta and churidar.

Yes, you can dress it up as a maxi dress and get away with it. If you choose to have a conservative tone, a sheer, floor-length dupatta will help you add that additional touch of elegance.

6. Smocks

Diwali Fashion Trends for 2022, Smocks

Mini, midi, and maxi-smocked dresses in pastel colors and flowing shapes are among the most comfortable and flattering dresses for spring-summer. The dresses are lightweight, stretchy, and ideal for warmer weather.

Smocked dresses include rucked shoulder embellishments, collar ruffles, and tiers and are tightened at the waist for a casual, breezy feel. That means you can wear it with sneakers or flats!

7. Minimalist Fashion

Diwali Fashion Trends for 2022, Minimalist-Fashion

Try out some enjoyable minimalist clothes this Diwali. Minimalistic ensembles are popular this season, and you can make the most of them during Diwali. The fundamental premise of minimalist fashion is to keep things simple. To honour the occasion, you might wear a modest sari with natural makeup and little jewellery. This Diwali apparel trend can help you stay light and make your celebration stress-free. And whoever said “less is more” was certainly correct. Layering may be used to give appeal to your minimalist approach. Mix textures to add interest to your style.

8. Accessories are essential!

Diwali Fashion Trends for 2022, Accessories

Dupattas, oxidized jewelry, and basics like earrings and necklaces are must-haves, but safety comes first. So, the latest fad is a face mask. Masks now come with designer bows, chains, and stones.

Asymmetrical earrings, delicate pearls, and detachable chained hydration necessities are popular choices for dressing up for virtual informal or business situations.

9. Palazzos

Diwali Fashion Trends for 2022, Palazzos
Image –

Palazzos have won our hearts with its easy-breezy charm and ultra-comfortable carryings. The best part about this Diwali fashion trend is that you can match it with a crop top, tunic, kurta, Anarkali, or even a choli and still look fashionable. Palazzos are also a popular celebrity dress trend. To give dimension to your look, pair a wide-leg palazzo pant with a long kurti. If you’re wearing it with a tunic or long top, give some shape to your style with accessories like belts.

10. Silk Saree

Diwali Fashion Trends for 2022, Silk-Saree

Every girl’s wardrobe should include a classic and timeless silk saree. When it comes to appearing stylish and powerful during Diwali without forsaking the traditional style of clothing, sarees appear to be the greatest Diwali costume alternatives. Choose from a selection of saree styles such as Silk, Banarasi, Bengali, Pure, and Chiffon Sarees to complete your festive appearance. If wearing hefty sarees makes you feel uneasy, go for lightweight sarees and bulky blouses to balance out your festival’s unique looks.

Wear your saree with a stylish blouse. Yes, the blouse is important. Three-quarter sleeves and strappy, camisole-style blouses are the safest picks, but don’t be afraid to try something new. Speaking of experimentation, while the traditional drape is a definite bet, there is no one way to wear a saree. Experiment with many styles to find which one best suits you. Diwali gatherings are the perfect reason.


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