7 Additional Covers to Consider While Buying Car Insurance in 2019


Here’s a list of 7 additional covers to consider while buying a new car insurance policy in 2019.
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Is 2019 the year of change for you? Is there a new car on your mind? Well, if you are planning to by a new car, you must also buy a new car insurance policy along with it. It is not only a mandatory requirement but a good financial security measure as well. Visit https://www.insurancenavy.com/cheap-car-insurance-california/ to get additional covers while buying car insurance in US. You have the option of going for the minimalistic Third-party Liability policy or the Comprehensive plan that offers extensive coverage. While going for a Comprehensive plan, you can also pick and choose certain Add-ons to enhance your coverage. Here’s a list of 7 additional covers to consider while buying a new car insurance policy in 2019.

  • Zero Depreciation

Insurers factor in the car’s depreciated value while settling claims. Depreciation is nothing but reduction in the value of an asset due to natural wear and tear. A car is a depreciating asset and thus, insurance companies reduce the depreciated value while settling claims. But you have the option of negating that by going for a Zero Depreciation cover. With this Add-on, car insurance companies will not deduct the depreciation value of a car while settling claims.

  • Roadside Assistance

It can be stressful if your car breaks down in the middle of a journey in an unfamiliar or a remote area. What will you do? Whom will you call? With a Roadside Assistance Add-on, there’s no need to panic. A single phone call to your insurance company will suffice to take care of the situation. They will send a mechanic to the site or arrange for a towing vehicle to take the car to the nearby garage.

  • NCB Protect

Car insurance companies offer something called a No Claim Bonus (NCB) to those who do not raise a claim during the previous policy period. This discount can go up to 50%, making NCB extremely lucrative. However, if you raise a claim, this NCB will reset to zero. Wouldn’t it be great if you had the liberty of raising a claim as well as retaining the NCB? This is exactly what you can do with the NCB protect Add-on. You can raise a claim or two (depends upon the terms and conditions) during a policy period without affecting your accumulated NCB.

  • Engine Protection Cover

You need to take adequate measures to cover the most important part of your car, its engine. Damage to the car’s engine is not covered under a basic Comprehensive plan. However, you can go for an Engine Protection Add-on to do the same. This Add-on is highly recommended for those residing in flood-prone areas.

  • Passenger Cover

When you buy a car insurance online or offline, normally you get a Personal Accident cover of Rs. 15 lakhs along with it. This means if you are injured during a car accident, the insurer will take care of your hospital expenses up to Rs. 15 lakhs. You can opt for a similar cover for the passengers who mostly travel with you in your car by going for a Passenger Cover Add-on.

  • Accessories Cover

You can insure additional accessories with the help of this cover. A basic policy only covers company-fitted accessories not the extra-fitted ones.

  • Personal Belonging Add-ons

Many people travel in their car with their expensive gadgets such as laptops and mobile phones. With this Add-on, you can insure your Personal Belongings that can get damaged while travelling in the insured car.

Buy Car Insurance Online

You can buy car insurance online in a matter of minutes. To buy car insurance online, all you have to do is visit your preferred insurer’s website, fill details, select a plan, choose Add-on covers, make the payment, and download your policy. Yes, buying car insurance online is that convenient! Remember to buy car insurance online from official websites of insurance companies to avoid any security issues.


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