6 Exquisite Places To Visit in Srinagar & Cherish Forever


Srinagar Dal Lake – Sudhakar Bichali via Wikimedia

The mystical beauty of India never fades! Being a land of profound history, diverse cultures and rich ancient roots; it is even a place of beautiful attractions, mesmerizing charm and luxurious destinations. 

India is an amalgamation of different regions, which is the essential spice of this country. The tremendous geographical spots make India the most visited country all around the world. When you search for a perfect destination for your vacations, India serves as an oyster for you. 

Unarguably, it gets confusing to nestle deep under the sea to choose the shining pearls. But, our endeavour to find bucket list options for you to end your quest. Get through this alluring experience and fulfil your travel spree. 

Just like the sky, the fantastic, worth-watching place in India is a splendid natural beauty, Srinagar. There are some drop-dead gorgeous places which magnify your experience and make the impossible world possible. 

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The sights which you have never seen before, the blowing scenes of Lakes, a land cultivated by Mughal emperors is a place known Srinagar in Kashmir magnetizes everyone from all walks of life. Your one visit can change your life entirely.

You might have heard about the places to visit in Srinagar which, but the mystique whereabouts you are not aware of are here bucket listed.

A Welcoming Dal Lake

Exquisite Places To Visit in Srinagar
Image – Pixabay

Dal Lake is a charm of Srinagar, Kashmir and regarded as “jewel in the crown of Kashmir”. Tourists are unaware of the fact that being far away from the other beauty spots, it is in the centre of city Srinagar and considered to be an “urban lake”.

To your surprise, this lake comes into sight being diverse pools as well as lakes perpetually connected and with the division of floating gardens, causeways and houseboats. This lake is a blend of five lake basins named Nagin, Nehru Park, Hazratbal, Nishat and Brari. On top of that, it serves the purpose of weed harvesting and fishing for viable use. 

Living in a lake has even become possible! You may get astounded, but another offbeat fact is that tourists can live in the best houseboats in Srinagar on the lake. The floating houses offer accommodation to people which make it distinctive from other places on this earth. 

The lake shows its different colours where every season, you may get manoeuvred by something new. Also, for every time of the year, it has an ancient temple named Shankaracharya offering blessings to visitors.

Fun seems endless when it comes to water. Dal Lake allows having a dip for swimming, and interestingly, it renders a chance to enjoy boating and canoeing also. For the lovers of skiing, they can come back to this place in the winter season.  

Away from the bustling city, the greenery of Srinagar gardens remained alike; fascinating and picturesque. This place is known for Mughal Gardens, rich deep in beauty which leaves no doubt in visitors’ mind. The enchanting atmosphere allures everyone here making it touristy in peak season.

Enjoy Lush Greenery at Mughal Gardens

Image – McKay Savage via Flickr

These gardens are full of blooms and bestow a chance to feel the unseen part of life. The tranquillity found here is nowhere. The bliss of life, a dazzling array of colours awaits you here!

Mughal gardens in Srinagar pertains Nishat Bagh believed to be a garden of joy. It was built in 1633 by Asaf Khan. This garden is a prominent part of India, made by the Mughals which divides it into 12 terraces, depicts 12 zodiac signs. 

Shalimar Bagh is yet another charm of Mughal Gardens having a remarkable history. It is a place where the angels of heaven themselves prefer to abode. Intrinsically, the offbeat part is that this garden is set up with beautiful fountains, pavilions, and pools on terrace edges. 

Mughal garden in Srinagar holds a jewel named Chasma Shahi where tourists flock. You can see a glimpse of historical architecture and can even capture yourself in natural surroundings. This place also holds a deep background of history. 

As life without colours is nothing, nature lacking flowers is not anything! Adding charm to the feathers of Srinagar, Tulip Garden is Asia’s most extensive garden with dozens of tulip flowers. Tulip flower garden opened in 2007 and attracted a large number of visitors every year. Exploring the type of flowers would take away a day, but making it a memorable one. It offers a chance to relish its glory in months of summer. 

A Sip of Natural Flavours in Chai Jaai

Chai Jaai
Image courtesy – Chai Jaai

With the super cuteness of name, this tea room is no way different. Undoubtedly, you can get a tea house or cafes around every corner of the city street, but this place is uncommon. 

To get indulged in the aromas, lost in the quaintness, savour the amazing flavour accompanying the nature, then this is the apt location. It opened in 2016, got inspired by Kashmiri and English tea rooms offering classic kahwa with variety of teas. 

If being from Darjeeling, you would have tasted the tea of your plants. But, for once, come over this place and enjoy conversations with a cup of Kashmiri tea. The adornment of this place will win your heart.

Serenity is Another Name of Jama Mosque

Jama Masjid
Jama Masjid via Wikimedia

A visit to Srinagar remains unfinished without worshipping. Srinagar is home of mosques where divine energies release. The panoramic view of Srinagar’s beauty persists curtailed without Muslim shrines. 

Revealing the facts, Jama Masjid, the largest mosque in Kashmir, was initially built in 1394 which was later restored in 1672. The interiors include Kashmiri art, chandeliers, and beautiful colours. Every day, the prayers are offered here wholeheartedly by the Kashmiris. 

Never Miss Shopping at Srinagar Market

Shopping is not a necessity, but it is right of everyone whenever we go out on vacations. We cannot forget to bring back the memories of that place in any form. In a way to bring something, what can be better than shopping?

Srinagar Market – Saurabh Chatterjee via Flickr

Among numerous cities, this is even a place where shopaholics can gratify themselves by buying different things. To purchase something in clothing, authentic apparels such as Pashmina shawls, jackets, stoles are available in an assorted variety. 

To add zing in food, exotic spices are famous with a soothing aroma. The offbeat fact is that Srinagar is known for purity and authenticity. So, anything you buy is a treat. Along with this, in dry fruits, you can buy a unique item named walnut. 

A free tip is that to purchase anything; you need to learn to bargain. Entering the markets mainly Lal Chowk, Badshah Chowk, Polo View, Floating market and anywhere around, you need to show negotiation skills. Srinagar market sometimes remains bustling due to visitors; however, it can be an excellent chance to buy at lower prices! 

To bring an end

No matter where you visit all around the world, however, it is indeed said that visiting Srinagar is a real heaven. Nature, mosques, gardens, coffee house, library, lakes, old houses, adventure and top of all, the calm and peace here is hard to locate. 

If this season you are planning out for a tour with family, then you can surely get something unique here. The lovers of nature and beauty can never stop themselves from coming to Srinagar. 

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