9 Reasons to Visit Kandima Maldives for a Luxury Weekend Getaway



Kandima Maldives is the best luxury weekend getaway you can ever imagine in the Maldives. On a 3.2 kilometer island speck in the middle of the Indian ocean, this affordable luxury island resort was the perfect getaway for me and my friend. This dreamy villas by the ocean with its tasteful decor, private pools and jacuzzi had my heart from the very moment I stepped in through its white sandy beach. I needed my space from the monotony of life and coming here was one of the best decisions I have ever made. If you are wondering how, let me tell you about everything that I did there. This is your virtual tour to this lifestyle resort, Kandima Maldives.

Here’s a list of the top 9 things at Kandima that we indulged in and we recommend you all to do the same.

1. Lounge on some swings in the sea


Bright and breezy, this resort is a grown-up playground with a bunch of fun activities. There are 3 water swings built in the turquoise sea which attracted me. You could rejoice in the soft breeze having a fun relaxing time watching the sunset. You could even take your margarita to the swing with you and enjoy watching a few fishes inside the beautiful sea surrounding the property. 

2. Dip into the sea right from your Aquavilla


Our villa was our home, a space we could leisure in after a long day. The room was our escape – a place where we could have fun with a level of luxurious privacy . The walls were painted electric blue, it had a writing desk, and a comfortable bed with its snow white sheets which invited me to jump right in and snuggle my way to dreamland. The bathroom was spacious with all the amenities to refresh after we returned all dusty from our day long explorations. It had beautiful blue lights with a cool bathtub by the glass window, facing the ocean. I could enjoy soft music, turn the candles on and sip into my Prosecco while I lay in the bathtub musing over the sunset. 

There was a glass door right opposite to the bed and when I opened it to step outside, my  eyes were attracted to the private jacuzzi in the open breeze with sea view. The Aquavilla is a Maldivian style modern villa which is located on the sea, you can dive right in from the ladder which is placed outdoors. You can just get into your swimsuit and jump off from the villa into the turquoise ocean and experience swimming in the salty waters right by your villa.

3. Catch the sunset by the beach club


The Beach Club, the perfect hangout spot for families and couples alike, was located near the aqua villas. It has got a perfect laid-back vibe and a spectacular view. One can swim up for some cocktails at the beach club or relax in the stylish cabanas above the pool. There were two elevated round platforms with seating called the UFO’s by the beach club. It was quite mesmerising to watch the sunset across the island sitting in the UFO with a cool breeze around. It was a peaceful evening to hear the sound of the waves clashing. The UFO was an escape spot at night as well – here I could enjoy the twinkling stars without the interference of the city lights.

4. Shop at the Kool shop


The Kool Shop is a merchandise store inside the premises of the resort and it is located at a walkable distance from the HQ. This store is located on the way to the villas in the corner of the sandy lanes. The interiors are white in colour and there is a beautiful window merchandise displayed which attracts people to visit it. The shop has an interesting array of merchandise which included amazing souvenirs, accessories like pendants, earrings, keychains, slippers, bags, beachy gowns and clothing along with a great variety of swimsuits , cute t-shirts with Maldives printed on it, other local clothing with some intricate tropical prints, mementos, etc. I loved the swimming costumes and I bought one immediately. I was also attracted to the local Maldives souvenirs which are limited collection and are hard to find outside the property. 

5. Taste exquisite cuisine at Azure


One can choose from a total of ten unique restaurants and bars offering mouth-watering flavours at this island. Out of which, Azure, located on the beach with indoor and outdoor seating, offers casual dining by day and elegant signature dining on the beach by night. It is the only restaurant on the property which prepares all cuisines free of gluten and alcohol and a lot of vegan options. It offers a mix of Mediterranean dishes, fish, tapas, steaks, oven-baked pizzas and delicious wines. 

We over the course of our visit tasted a variety of signatures at this restaurant. My friend and I had an opportunity to eat a lot of dishes. For starters, we were served gluten free focaccia with salsa. There was baby spinach and walnut salad with cherry tomatoes, Roasted beetroot carpaccio and compressed Melon. Main course included Grilled Local Reef Lobster and duck breast, a vegetarian meal including Gluten free Pasta Arrabiata and Gluten free pizza. In addition to this we had their signature dessert – Dark chocolate flourless cake with passion fruit compote, topped with a scoop of hazelnut gelato and it was yummy to the power infinity.

6. Jet ski your way to baby making island



They have an incredible range of water activities at aquaholics that we enjoyed on their “oh so Kool” island where one can experience speed, excitement, relaxation and discover the marine beauty. We had a fantastic time jet skiing for 30 minutes over the turquoise waters. They let you ride the jet ski by yourself. While riding we discovered a cute tiny island which is called the baby making island nearby the resort in the ocean. It is said that the birds hatch their eggs on that island. We observed a fury of white birds nestling on the island amidst the trees and blue waters. 

7. Take a turtle expedition to swim with sea turtles


There are a range of activities at Aquaholics at Kandima that include jet skiing, kite surfing, parasailing, kayaking, snorkelling, paddle boarding, top cat sailing, turtle expedition, dolphin’s quest, and other fun rides. 

We went on an  amazing turtle expedition in the middle of the ocean. Our excitement knew no bounds. We were taken by the double decker boat. We wore our snorkelling kits and jackets and were ready to dive into the ocean. We were able to spot many turtles and stingrays  along with many other species of fish and beautiful corals underwater. Swimming with the sea species was a beautiful experience.

8. Rejuvenate at the esKape Spa


From exfoliation to healing therapies, esKape has it all. The Spa is located in the mid way between the HQ and the Aquavilla. They also have an onsite steam room and plunge pool. 

 As we walked in, we were greeted by the refreshing scent of coconuts. They offered us a refreshing tea. We opted to try Aromatherapy at the Spa. It was one hour long and it was super relaxing. There were many different types of spas in their menu like the hot stone spa, full body exfoliation, etc.  I never get the time to try out the spa when I live in the city because I have a lot of work stress but trying the spa at Kandima Maldives was a great experience. They also offer a lot of exciting couples spas which couples can try out together. They also have parlour services at esKape. Getting a spa by a window which opens up to the rough ocean waves by the beach was a great experience.

9. Walk to the end of the island for some great sand banks that take you to Ken’s Cove Island


We walked to the other extreme end of the island where the shuttle does not take the guests. There was a lake at the end of the island where we saw baby sharks. During low tides, one can walk on the sand banks and reach Ken’s Cove Island which is a part of the same property at Kandima. The water was clearer at that end. There were many hermit crabs at the shore.

The Maldives is well known for the pristine luxury which it has to offer. Exploring it on a weekend getaway from home was an exotic experience. Kandima gave us one of the best experiences we could ever hope for. With a wide range of activities and the best level of leisure one can possibly imagine, Kandima is the place where you need to be if you are looking for a pristine getaway. It is your kind of place. 

To know more about the property, you can explore their site:


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