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Located in the southern part of India, Karnataka is one of the most culturally diverse and physiographically beautiful states. However, as for the touristic attractiveness the state has a constant flow of tourists all the year round; the monsoon which falls from June up to September turns the territory into the green zone. Owing to the rains which bathe the whole region with considerable waterfalls, forests with dogs which make it a darling of tourists, trekkers, and photographers. Today’s article will focus on top attractions to explore in Karnataka during the monsoon, with the combination of scenic and historic spots and extraordinary activities that are opened with the beginning of the rainy season.

1. Coorg (Kodagu)

Abbey Falls, Coorg
Located in the Western Ghats, Coorg or Kodagu as it is locally referred to, is widely regarded as the ‘Scotland of India’ because of its terrain marked by hills and greenery. This coffee producing area takes on added beauty during the monsoon season. The sprawling green coffee gardens especially those that are interspersed with pepper vines and cardamom give a rich feast to the eyes.

Key attractions: 

  • Abbey Falls: Abbey Falls, especially during the rainy season, is one of the most beautiful waterfalls that one can ever come across surrounded by the dense forest.
  • Talacauvery: The origin of the Cauvery River especially in the monsoon time, the hills surrounded with mist turn the place more or less postcards que.
  • Dubare Elephant Camp: The visitor can have a touch with elephants, also they can accompany the elephants to bathe them in the over flooded Cauvery River.
  • Raja’s Seat: This has vantage views of the valleys enveloped by mist and the setting sun over the hills.


  • While walking through the beautiful green forests and the spice gardens.
  • Kayaking through the Barapole River for the adventurous when the water level of the river is right.
  • Touring the facilities that offer coffee tourism where one is taken through the process of making coffee.

2. Chikmagalur

Best-Places-to-Visit-in-Karnataka-During-Monsoon Chikmagalur

Subsequently, another town located in the Western Ghats of the country is Chikmagalur which is recognized for coffee plantation, hilly terrain and fine climate. The monsoon brings out the beauty of this hill station; the clouds that envelope the top of the hills and the falling water streams.

Key attractions: 

  • Mullayanagiri Peak: The mountain of Karnataka as the tallest mountain of the state has clear scenic views of the surrounding environment particularly after lightly showering.
  • Baba Budangiri: This place of worship has trees around it and one can go hiking.
  • Hebbe Falls: The two waterfalls look even more enticing during the rainy season though the climb can be a little steep.
  • Kemmangundi: best known for its beautiful rose garden and trekking spots but especially stunning during the monsoons.


  • Jeep tours over coffee farms.
  • Bird Watching tour in the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Appreciating old architecture such as that depicted in the Hoysaleswara Temple that is located in another region known as Halebidu.

3. Agumbe

Also referred to as the Cherrapunji of the South because of its rainfall, Agumbe is a much-sought-after destination for, both, researchers and nature enthusiasts. This village is located in the region called Malnad and it is known for its Biodiversity and presence of this most magnificent reptile called the King Cobra!

Key attractions: 

  • Sunset View Point: On clear evenings one is privileged to watch the sun setting over the Arabian Sea from the hotel.
  • Kundadri Hill: A single boulder with the Jain temple on the top of it and a vast valley encompassed with forests visible from there.
  • Jogigundi Falls: An elegant waterfall where the visitors can walk a short distance from the main chaotic zone and, of course, the best during the monsoon.
  • Sita River: Even during the monsoons the water level increases and forms many rapids and small waterfalls here.


  • Walking across the rainforests.
  • Tracking Chameleons at the Agumbe Rainforest Research Station.
  • Visiting the close-by Kudremukh National Park with permission.

4. Jog Falls


Jog Falls, the second highest plunge waterfall in India,looks more magnificent during the monsoon season. The four different drops Raja, Rani, Roarer, and Rocket make a breathtaking view as they fall 253 meters into the Sharavathi river.

Key attractions: 

  • Waterview Point: Enables one to see the falls in its full Might and glory.
  • Linganamakki Dam: The source of the Das Selfer, this dam is magnificent to watch especially during the monsoons.
  • Sharavathi Valley: The area bordering the falls which consist of a green valley is a good spot for those who would like to take a nature walk and or search for birding opportunities.


  • Walking to the bottom of the falls (where possible as well as safe).
  • Taking pictures of the falls and other views.
  • Other activities that can be carried out with ease include visiting other sites such as the Honnemaradu Reservoir.

5. Gokarna

Om Beach – Well-Bred Kannan/Flickr
Although Gokarna is famous for its beaches, the town transforms during the monsoon. Due to the high rate of rainfall, there are few people on the shores, the acting skies, and the abundance of greenery give guests a worthy atmosphere.

Key attractions: 

  • Om Beach: It is worth noting that, Om shaped beach is comparatively less crowded and comparatively more quiet during monsoons.
  • Mahabaleshwar Temple: This shrine temple of Lord Shiva is most beautiful during the rainy season as stated earlier in the description.
  • Paradise Beach: Literally, one can reach it only by water or by crossing some nearly impassable trail; but it seems to be even more tropical- rain- symphonic during monsoon.
  • Mirjan Fort: It is a 16th-century fort that is still surrounded by good and green cover that gives one a feel of the area’s evil past.


  • Long nature strolls on the beach and sightseeing.
  • The cultural and religious trips to temples and feeling the spirituality.
  • Cures of ayurvedic and attitudes of deposits of yoga.

6. Dandeli


Dandeli is situated in the Western Ghats which is arguably one of the best places for adventure and wildlife lovers. Due to the heavier inflow of rainfall, the season of monsoon even boosts the number of activities possible here.

Key attractions

  • Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary: Explicitly housing black panthers, elephants, and many winged species, the sanctuary comes alive especially during monsoons.
  • Syntheri Rocks: These are gigantic roughly sculptured rock pillars each 300 feet high; they are circumscribed by the Kaneri River which bursts its banks during the rainy period.
  • Kavala Caves: This is a sense of a geological wonder with such complicated limestone cave formations.


  • Trekking, white water rafting in the Kali River if the water level is appropriate.
  • Kayaking and canoeing.
  • Nature walking and bird watching.
  • Tribal tours to feel the real essence of indigenous people.

7. Hampi


Hampi is famous for history and architecture mostly focusing on its rich architectural heritage, and things change completely during monsoon. That is why watching the ancient stone structures in the context of dramatic skies and the fascinating background of the greenery becomes rather mesmerizing.

Key attractions: 

  • Virupaksha Temple: The stones of this temple structure appear especially clean and fresh because they are rain-washed and carved from thousands of years ago.
  • Vittala Temple: Called the Darian, the stone chariot can be seen in all its glory in the monsoon season while musical pillars are a unique architectural delight.
  • Matanga Hill: Gives the best bird’s eye view of the region’s topography particularly, in the morning after the rains.
  • Tungabhadra River: The river is expanded along the bottom of the mountains and also it enhances the sensational look of the boulders.


  • Visiting the temples.
  •  The Tungabhadra river by war coracle, though only where the waters are not choppy.
  • Pictures of the monuments and this against the background of monsoon clouds.
  • Other fun activities to do in the neighboring places include the Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary

8. Nandi Hills


Nandi Hills, a summer resort near Bangalore is a perfect Holiday destination during the monsoon season. It has nice clear weather conditions, rich historical backgrounds and views of terrains.

Key attractions: 

  • Tipu’s Drop: This cliff face has a splendid view of the surroundings especially in the monsoonal period which is misty.
  • Nandi Temple: It continues to stand with the statues of Nandi the bull and much of the area is magical especially during the rainy season.
  • Amrita Sarovar: This beautiful lake is green with trees during monsoons.
  • Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace: This area is rather important as the historical Palace will help understand the history of the region.


  • Tracing and forest walks.
  • Our first activity could be paragliding though this depends on the weather condition since it may not be safe for paragliding in certain weather conditions.
  • Riding all around the hills.
  • Birdwatching and photography.


Karnataka looks splendid during the monsoon and hence should be on the list of places to visit during the rainy season. From the coffee estates of Coorg to the roaring Jog Falls, from the historic ruins of the city of Hampi to the decibel-reverberating Agumbe-the wildlife and nature’s abode, the state changes its color to green. Pleasant weather is a sign of brilliant change of scenery, therefore, Karnataka has the affinity for lovers of nature and drama, adrenalin freaks as well as the culture and history aficionado in a different light.
I have heard an overwhelming response from the travelers who have chosen traveling during monsoons as it brings a lot of excitement. Since there are few people around due to cold weather, green vegetation, and the beat of the rain, it lends a fairytale-like ambiance, which cannot be found during the other seasons of the year. Be that as it may, adventure, leisure, spiritual tourism, rejuvenation or discovering nature, travel to any monsoon destination in Karnataka and consider it done.
Therefore, when visiting Karnataka during monsoon, ensure you check for the weather, carry a waterproof outfit, and be safety conscious especially when doing activities like trekking or visiting a waterfall. Preparation of monsoon journey in Karnataka can be incredibly special if done with proper planning and arrangements, one can be assured to have a lifetime of memories.

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