Norway Beyond Fjords: Best Places to Visit


Travelling is the best education… You see the world through another lens… You realize your homeland isn’t the only reality, there’s many…

Picture perfect landscapes, the world famous Fjords and the tremendous cities these are the things that await you in Norway. Each region, interior, exterior all are different from each other and you will be mesmerized to see it. In balance with its incredible beauty is the brilliant social and cultural life. Norway is one of the most appealing and beautiful country in the world. Taking a trip to Norway is the best verdict to a holiday trip. Norway has many beautiful places to visit as we know that Fjords are the world famous which is the best part of Norway but Norway is beyond Fjords. If you are a nature, architecture and music lover then trip to Norway once in a lifetime is a must.

To find this, let’s check out some of the most famous places of Norway to visit and not to miss….


Alesund Norway

Alesund is a town and municipality in Norway and is built entirely in the Jugendstil, Art Nouveau architectural style after a fire in 1904. It is a seaport and is considered the gateway to the majestic northwestern fjord and alpine mountains. Jugendstilsenteret is a national interpretation center, you can learn more about the town fire, the rebuilding of the town and the Art Nouveau style. The town is the 17th most populous municipality in Norway.



Bergen is a city on Norway’s southwestern coast. It is the second largest city after Oslo and is considered to be the gateway to the fjords. It’s an appealing mixture of living history as reconstructed Hanseatic buildings of Bryggen, a World Heritage Site with colorful wooden houses. The 15th century waterfront in the Bryggen district is the working port as well as a famous tourist destination. Explore the live fish market in the old wharf before heading towards the other sights of Norway.


Tromso is the largest city in Northern Norway and is famed as the viewing point for the colorful northern lights that lights up sometimes in the night time sky. It is a major cultural hub in the Arctic Circle and is also best known for its 18th century wooden houses and also the gorgeous natural surroundings. There are many more places to visit such as Polar Museum- the historical and cultural spots and Polaria – the arctic museum.



Oslo, the capital of Norway sits on the southern coast at the head of the Oslo fjords. The atmosphere in Oslo is modern, fast and relaxed as it is the fastest growing cities in Norway. It is a cosmopolitan destination with world class restaurants and art galleries. As two third space of Oslo is covered with forest it is known for its green space which is suitable for biking and hiking. The place is also famed for museums which includes a ski museum, Viking ship museum, waterside Norwegian Maritime Museum in its list. Folkmuseet is an interactive outdoor museum that features 150 historic buildings.



Stavanger is Norway’s fourth largest city and a fascinating mix of old and new. Its history dates back in deep into the middle ages. The city is different from the majority cities of Norway because of sandy beaches and warm climate. Stavanger Cathedral Museum chronicles the city’s history and preserved wildlife. The shopping street Ovre Holmegate is known for its colorful houses. The Norwegian Petroleum Museum illuminates the oil industry with submersibles. This city gives the country’s best example of Norwegian art and medieval churches.



Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway and also called as the “Intimate big city” as it captures the modern and energetic atmospheric and also let the people know about its historic beauty. The city is famed for its culture, food, students, cycling and technology. The city also comprises farmer’s market, excellent restaurants, and the incredible local breweries. The city also host various church festivals such as St. Olav festivals the largest cultural and church event. The city also boasts of botanical gardens which includes a Renaissance – inspired herb garden and museums and churches of 11th



Bodo is a town and municipality in Nordland country, Norway. In this place you can go kayaking or golfing under the midnight sun. For those who are interested in arts and crafts Bodo has a diverse community of local artisans, glass blowers, potters, and jewellery makers. The place also organizes the two big music festivals attracting thousands of tourists and peoples. This place also serves as the starting point to the north of Norway specifically Lofoten Islands. Bodo offers a lively urban atmosphere.

Lofoten Island:


Lofoten is an archipelago in Norway. It is known for its scenic beauty and dramatic scenery. One can dugout between the islands, go fishing, scuba dive, surf, Go Ocean rafting, hike, ski, and more. If you want to experience real Mother Nature then you must visit lofoten which has grand mountain ranges, deep fjords, unique colonies of seabirds, and exquisite beaches with mild climate. The nearby Lofotr Vikings Museum features a Viking longhouse reconstruction.


Norway’s famous fjords are found throughout the country and they are not restricted upon a particular region. It is the best place for every season and for adventure too. It is a nation with rich history and best cultural expeditions too. The breathe taking Northern lights or the sun glistening on massive glacier is the best view one can experience in their lifetime.

So, if you are planning for a trip this holiday make sure to visit the Norway and experience the nature at its best!!!

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