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Madhya Pradesh is truly called the heart of India. It has served at the center stage of history in the subcontinent, from the prehistoric cultures to the medieval power struggles. Artifacts of this diverse history can be inserted, on both, its land and the people. Here are ten Destinations in Madhya Pradesh that you should consider the next time you visit Madhya Pradesh.


Spotted with lakes and surrounded by hills, this historical town is famous for its textile, especially the Chanderi Sari. Places to visit include the Koshak Mahal and the Chanderi Fort.


Summer capital of the Scindia Rulers, Shivpuri is alive with lakes, waterfalls, and lush forest cover. Places to visit include the Mughal Garden, Pawa Waterfalls, and the architectural marvel, Madikheda Dam.


The Bhind district, bordering with Uttar Pradesh, captures the serenely arid Chambal landscape. The National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary in the region is home to endangered species of Gharial, the red-crowned roofed turtle, and the Ganges Dolphin.

Ken Gharial Sanctuary

Situated at the convergence of the rivers Ken and Khudar, the Ken Sanctuary offers a mixture of rocky patches, forest canopies, and waterfalls like the Raneh waterfall.


Named after the Narmada river, Rewa has scenic beauty on offer. Must visit places are the Keoti and Purwa waterfalls, Rani Talab, and the Rewa Fort.

Mandu and Dhar

Crossed by the Vindhya Mountains, Dhar district, former Rajput stronghold has a rich heritage in the form of various monuments that mark its land. Prominent ones are the Jahaz Mahal, Rani Roopmati Mahal, and the Dhar Fort.


Known as the “Gateway to the South”, Burhanpur was an important Mughal city. The place has many interesting monuments, that are unique to Burhanpur, like the Hammam- or the Royal Bath, and the Begum Shah Shuja Maqbara, which is rich with exquisite frescoes.


Tikamgarh has some fine specimens of medieval Mughal and Rajput architecture. The Garh Kundar Fort is definitely one of them. Others include the Raja Mahal, Chaturbhuj Temple, and the Orchha Fort.


Panna, known famously for its Diamond mines, is located in northeast of Madhya Pradesh. The Panna National Park and the Pandava Caves definitely deserve a visit.

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