Things to Do for Valentine’s Day in Las Vegas



Experience the most romantic activities and attractions in Sin City

A romantic getaway in Las Vegas is the perfect thing to do for your Valentine’s Day celebration. The city offers many exciting sites and attractions for you and your loved one to enjoy together during this special occasion of love. Some of the most romantic things to do for Valentine’s Day don’t even require much money. You’ll find that out below.

Let’s explore the top five best things to do for Valentine’s Day in Las Vegas.

1. Explore The Planet Hollywood Resort


The Planet Hollywood Resort Hotel is home to numerous attractions, such as live shows, retail shops, restaurants, and more. You could spend an entire day at the resort with your partner on Valentine’s Day and find romantic things to do there the whole time. That is why the Vegas Lens Guide mentions it at the top of their list of best shows at Las Vegas hotels.

Take your romantic partner or spouse to one of Planet Hollywood’s many fabulous Las Vegas shows. They include The Mentalist, V – The Ultimate Variety Show, Criss Angel Mindfreak, Las Vegas Live Comedy Club, Nathan Burton’s Comedy Magic Show, and Popovich Comedy Pet Theatre.

The Miracle Mile Shops has everything you could want at the resort, including over 170 retail shops. So if your loved one likes to go shopping, they will have endless opportunities.

2. Ride on The Venetian Gondola


Have you always dreamed about taking your partner on a gondola ride in Venice, Italy on Valentine’s Day? Las Vegas has the next best thing at the Venetian Hotel because it features a recreation of the classic Venice water canals and gondolas.

You and your partner can take a romantic ride on a Venetian gondola and explore the Venice-like canals created in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, the gondolier will sing romantic songs as you ride the gondola and witness the beautiful sights throughout the canals. 

Indoor and outdoor gondola rides are available. If you need to decide which is better, try walking each route first to see which one looks better. Either that or you can take both rides to get the most out of the romantic experience.

3. Helicopter Ride

Image – Smart Destinations/Flickr

 Go on a helicopter adventure ride through the Grand Canyon with Maverick Helicopters. Their experienced helicopter pilots will fly you to the best sites and viewpoints of the Grand Canyon. You’ll even get close to the mountainous cliffs and ridges to give you and your partner an extra thrilling experience.

In addition, the helicopter tour will take you over the famous Hoover Dam structure. You’ll witness a spectacular blend of mountain terrain, magnificent manmade structures, and one of the world’s seven wonders.

4. Bellagio Fountains


The Bellagio Hotel has gorgeous fountains in the front of the resort for everyone in the area to witness. They feature approximately 1,214 nozzles shooting water out of them over an 8.5-acre manufactured lake. The water is blasted about 460 feet into the air before falling back into the lake again.

The Bellagio Fountains are 100% free to watch and enjoy from afar. You don’t need to be a guest at the Bellagio Hotel because onlookers outside are welcome to witness the fountains in all their glory. So if you want to see Las Vegas on a budget during Valentine’s Day, the Bellagio Fountains are a great place to start.

The best time to witness the fountains is at night because the fountain sprayers are brightly lit and create a romantic setting for any couple. There are even special fountain shows which take place every 15 to 30 minutes from 8 PM to midnight on weekdays and noon to midnight on weekends. 

5. Couples Massage


There is something extra special about getting a couples massage and spa treatment. If you visit the Wynn Spa or Waldorf Astoria Spa, you and your partner will receive a five-star massage in an exotic setting. All your sore muscles from walking around all day will be relaxed and soothed by the time the massage is over.

Since it is a couples massage, you and your partner will be massaged together in the same room. There will be two individual massage tables next to each other and two massage therapists massaging you both. It is a fun and intimate experience for couples to share together.


Las Vegas is a city of adventure, excitement, and beauty. There is no better place to spend Valentine’s Day with your partner or spouse.

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