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December doesn’t only bring winters but also brings the most suitable season for planning weddings in most of the Muslim countries; this brings along the obvious need of planning honeymoon trips. Honeymoon is something that is planned exotically in both non-Muslim as well as Muslim cultures. Muslim couples demand more privacy and select their honeymoon destination by looking at different factors according to their preferences. 

Places with beaches and private villas are all dream destinations for honeymoon. As Muslims don’t have live-in relationship with their partners, the romantic environment of such destinations gives them a perfect place to come closer and get to know each other. Away from families, these new couples live independently and get to spend more quality time. 

As it is often said that you get to know someone when you travel together, so here are 7 awesome destinations that can be visited by new Muslim couples for their honeymoon: 


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Thailand has some outclass resorts and beaches. There are also Muslim travel apps that help tourists coming to Thailand find halal food and locate praying services for male and females. There are several beaches where you can do some amazing activities. Hijabi females may not enjoy freely the beaches, can get a private pool in a five-star hotel for a night at an affordable rate and you wouldn’t have to worry about finding delicious halal food. This makes Thailand an amazing destination for Muslim couples. 


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It is a country with scenic views, outclass beaches and affordable quality accommodations. There are various five-star private resorts which suit the demands of Muslim couples. Around 87% of Indonesian population are Muslims so if you’re looking to do some shopping and buying hijabs you are definitely in the right country! Among the Indonesian Islands, Bali is most beautiful which has 4% Muslim population with many halal food restaurants. 

Being closely located to other Muslim countries, they know well how to cater Muslim tourists and they continue to expand their offerings. Most of the diners that serve pork or alcohol will clearly show on the menu. You can book villas offering complete privacy for breakfast and female butlers keeping in mind female privacy needs. It is a wonderful place with flawless isolation for private pools and world-class facilities for Muslim couples. What else can you ask for?

Sri Lanka

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Most Muslim couples do not consider Sri Lanka as a feasible option while thinking of their honeymoon destination. Whereas it is located at the north side of Maldives and has similar climate; you are just a few hundred miles away and can enjoy similar feel with cheaper price tag. On the top of all this, southern parts of Sri Lanka have striking seashores.

Image – Bokitta Hijabs

There are beautiful resorts in Sri Lanka with best-value luxury villas with the services of private chefs and live-in staff. You can also travel to Colombo for some days; there you can get plenty of halal dining options. You will also notice the numerous prayer rooms found in most of the hotels to attract more Muslim travelers.


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If you want to have an unconventional honeymoon, you can always opt for desert retreat with romantic starry nights under the wide skies. You can explore the mystical desert dunes with a camel ride and experience the adrenaline rush with sand dune bashing. UAE is a Muslim country, so discovering the best Halal food and shopping fashionable hijabs is not a problem! You also MUST visit the city’s magnificent mosques! Dubai is a mainstream choice of most couples who want a lavish honeymoon, but Abu Dhabi is a choice for romantic and adventurous Muslim couples with plenty of opportunities to enjoy their honeymoon.
Even if sand sports are not your thing, you can relax while camping on comfortable day beds. There are numerous other activities for newly wed Muslim couples as well. 


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When we talk about Greece people usually think of Athens or Santorini; however, if you want to go to some place in Greece that’s not much mainstream and is yet rich in culture having some amazing views, Crete is the place for you. Crete has something for everyone; similarly, Muslim couples can’t get anything better than Crete with its 350 beaches and the touch of Venice and Florence here. 

Private villas with an entire pool to yourself or a studio with dazzling sea view gives the perfect isolated romantic atmosphere for Muslim couples, keeping their privacy concerns in mind. Food is not a problem for Muslims even if they can’t find restaurants offering Halal food, they can still eat the local food as the locales are vegetarians and they have wide variety of vegetarian food for Muslims. 


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Mauritius is an island located in the middle of Indian Ocean providing the perfect island gateway for newly-wed couples wanting to enjoy the private romantic trip and who want to explore the exciting local culture. Here you can book your own private villa and get to enjoy the free non-motorized water sports and explore the local culture. 

Muslim couples find easy halal dining options with alcohol-free menus in private villas; they also offer privacy for pools and similar facilities. Separate prayer areas for males and females are available. Female spa therapists are offered for hijabi females. Mauritius is the best location for Muslim-friendly villas in front of the clear endless blue water providing the best beach gateway that one can ever have. 


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Spain might not be the first option for Muslim couples to consider when they draw down the list of honeymoon destinations. However, if you think of travelling to Europe for honeymoon, you can skip the usual cities and head towards Granada. The largest Muslim community of Spain resides in this city and the city has rich Islamic history.

People going there always return with unforgettable experiences, and since it’s your honeymoon, Granada can be the best place to explore. In this area, females can walk around the street freely wearing hijab and can also explore the Al Taqwa and Grand Mosque of Granada. 

Image – Bokitta Hijabs

A perfect honeymoon destination has all of this: Private villas and pools, halal and luxury five-star gourmet meals, affordable budget and a Muslim friendly environment where females can openly wear hijab, offer prayer and practice other Muslim values. People often think that going to a non-Muslim country might bring challenges for the females if they practice wearing hijab. You can opt from any of the above-mentioned locations to enjoy a dream honeymoon that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

One more tip, if you are willing to spend big bucks on your honeymoon, Maldives is the perfect destination! A Muslim country that is our all-time favorite getaway destination!

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