Varanasi – The Spiritual Epitome of Hindu Culture [Photo Feature]


Photo Feature – Tejas M S

It is hard to define Varanasi singularly. The kaleidoscope of life varies vividly across its length and breadth and its shades of aura and darkness touch equally upon onlookers. Photographing the city is hence an amalgamation of putting together the emotions, essence and vitality of Varanasi in frames that are etched in memory for long. 

Tejas M S a travel, wildlife and adventure photographer has shot extensively along the city located on the banks of the ever endearing Ganga. He is also a filmmaker and lives in Bangalore. Passionate about field based work, here is taking a look at some of his pictures speak a thousand words centered on the ethos of a culturally and spiritually soaked Banaras.

Varanasi Photo feature
Blessings from the Mystic
Varanasi Photo feature
Old Architectures of Varanasi
Varanasi Photo feature
The Evening Aarti – A Splendid Devotion
Varanasi Photo feature
Innocence and Childhood in the City of Pyres
Varanasi Photo feature
Lost in the smoke of godliness
Varanasi Photo feature
 The Busy Barbers
Varanasi Photo feature
Ghat at Night – The Shimmering Dawn of the Night
Varanasi Photo feature
Pyre – Rest in Peace
Tejas M S


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