Defining Caleidoscope is like defining culture. You know it but you cannot spell it out in words. Just like India is a cultural cauldron where ancient tradition meets modern ideology, we need to find that harmonious blend, rather than clashing points. Derived from the word, ‘Kaleidoscope’, our site would like to present the vivid diversity of life, forcing us to break the monotony in our daily lives.

At Caleidoscope, we believe there is a need to educate people about leading an alternative lifestyle that doesn’t harm the nature around us, enables them to take the best of our culture and learn new things from others. Primarily, it’s about going to new places, learning about new things and adapting to our lives. When we say ‘educate’, it doesn’t mean preaching from a pulpit; it’s about practising a new lifestyle and making others look at us and emulate.

Caleidoscope is about relishing the sugarcane juice on the roadside and watching the honeybee suck the juice as well. ‘Rasa Swadha’ as they say is Sanskrit, we need to relish the world around us.

Caleidoscope is about volunteering for NGOs on weekends and getting kicked up about it. We believe is better to be weekend warriors than armchair activists!

Caleidoscope is about attempting ‘light painting’ with your LED torch on a tabletop at home. The thrill of creating something out of nothing is an out of the box experience!

Caleidoscope is about searching for the unusual, unimaginable and quaint things around you. Like reviving the Yezdi Jawa bike from your grandpa’s garage!

Caleidoscope is like the Bread Dosa! The traditional South Indian delicacy, Dosa has been experimented in innumerable ways. But the most innovative variation is Bread Dosa where a staple Indian diet meets its European counterpart.

If you are a seeker of the unusual, we need your support to build a wonderful repertoire of the elements that make our culture vibrant. Join us and be truly Kaleidoscopish! To get a detailed picture about who we are and what we do, check our FAQs page