Women in Indian Politics – On the Right Path, But Not Just About Yet There!

So what is it about women in Indian politics that a low number of female electives make it to the most important executive and legislative body of the country? Is it social and cultural significance or is the story more about opportunities and economic disparities?

How to Choose The Best International School in Mumbai for Your Child?

Trying to get the best international school in Mumbai for your kid, well here are the the few important things to consider while choosing the best school for you child.

Tips That Can Help You to Break Negative Cycles in Your Life

If you can take a step back to start thinking about the choices that you’re making in life, then you’re going to do much better. This allows you to consider your choices more carefully before doing things.

Support Your Mental Health with Healthy Eating Tips

Here are a few things to consider when reviewing your diet and how to improve it to benefit your physical and mental health. 

Reduce Anxiety and Promote Healing with Visualization

People who suffer from panic attacks or anxiety disorder have found visualization useful. When practiced regularly, it may help your mind and body improve its ability to relax and rest through imagery exercises. 

Therapy Helps People Who Have Gone Through Tragic Experiences

It’s best to have someone on your side that understands what you’re going through. The decision to go to therapy could wind up changing your life for the better. 

Everyone Needs Support to Help Get Through Mental Health Struggles

You’ll learn about why support is so crucial and how you can use it to cope with everything that you’re going through. Over time, you’re going to feel substantially better if you’re able to follow this advice. 

Indian Agriculture – Not just an Economy, But a Culture

Indian Agriculture - Agriculture is the heart of this country, its farmers and their toil is the reason why we not only are able to feed such a huge population but also export food and foodproducts.

Simple Lifestyle Changes that Result in Good Health

Here are 10 lifestyle changes we can integrate into our lives, easily -

Bakasana Yoga – Facts & Benefits You Need To Know

The Bakasana Pose of Yoga is all about balance and concentration, that strengthens the abdomen, arms, and wrists. Here we teach you how to get started!

Psynergy – Musical Art with a Cause and Concern for Climate Change

Psynergy whose music is written, composed and produced by Tao Issaro is a collaboration of various artists who come together for a singular cause.

Dreaming of Words – Njattyela Sreedharan United Four Languages and Hearts Through His Unique Dictionary

Who is Njattyela Sreedharan? An 82 year old retired senior citizen? A fourth standard drop out? Or an extraordinary lexicographer and a language expert who has managed to compile a dictionary connecting four Indian languages single-handedly?

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