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Next Vacay: What It Is and Why You Need to Use It

Trying to save money on flights so you have more cash to spend once you reach your destination? If any of these things sound like you, you need to use Next Vacay.

Dilwaalon ki Dilli or Aamchi Mumbai – Which is Better?

The age old question of “Delhi or Mumbai”, answered! Who will win- Dilwaalon ki Delhi or Aamchi Mumbai? We answer this million dollar question.

Women On Clouds – A Backpack Full Of Female Friendships, Laughter And Stories

In conversation with Shireen Mehra, the brains behind Women on Clouds, an entrepreneurial venture for an all-women travel company that is empowering women travellers.

How Hampta Pass Trek Refilled the Happiness in Me Post Lockdown

My trek to Hampta Pass was full of mixed emotions, but throughout the journey, this was one of the moments that I felt happiest. While trekking it was obvious that we would find nature’s awe-inspiring imagery, self-reflecting one.

I Snorkeled with Turtles, Chased Dolphins on a Jet Ski and Did Much More at Kandima

Looking for staycations to explore in Maldives, an island country with 99% water and only 1% land, we stumbled upon the paradise property called Kandima Islands. Much more than our wildest dreams, Kandima is a 3.2 kilometer speck of an island located at a 30 minute sea place journey away from the capital city of Male.

The Historical Ruins of Nalanda: Exploring the Ancient University’s Architecture and Philosophy

Unearthing the gems of knowledge, architecture, and livelihood in the historical ruins of Nalanda University, that once served as a pillar of Buddhism in India.

Uramma Heritage Homes – Practicing Diverse Art Forms, Ecological Programmes And Local Crafts

Uramma Heritage Homes is named eponymously after the legend of Uramma, the village Goddess. She is considered to be a reincarnation of Devi Durga. While the folktale of Uramma is narrated differently all around India, I prefer to cling to the version as retold by Ms. Shama Pawar, the mastermind behind the Heritage Homes.

5 Insta Worthy Cafes in Guwahati That You Must Visit

It is effortless to recognize the uniqueness of upper east India. The states on the north-eastern side of the nation are praised for their...

Romancing the Real Life Mysticism of Sherlock Holmes’ in Ooty

Being a Sherlock fan, I knew that this hotel had to be explored when holidaying in Ooty. It was just a few days before Christmas and from gorging on the baked goodies to soaking in the sun at the beautiful garden

Best Beaches in Andaman You Must Visit

Here is a list of Best Beaches in Andaman that must feature in your Andaman itinerary. The unspoiled beaches of Andaman offer many distinctive experiences to cherish lifelong. Which one do you wish to visit?

Get the Best Luxury India Tour Packages by LIH Tours and Travels

Get the best Golden Triangle Tour Packages by Leisure Indian Holidays and avail your dream vacation to India in a royal way.

Exploring Panamanian Cultural Attractions

Whether you have a few days or a couple of weeks to explore this beautiful Central American country, you will want to make time for these three significant cultural attractions. 

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