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Traditional House of Kerala – Adding Beauty to the God’s Own Country

It is very true that everything has a story to tell and so does the traditional houses of Kerala that are designed in a much calculated way and have been presented in the most beautiful format that are not only luxuriating to live in but also give us a glimpse of the intelligence that has gone in their construction by some of the most brightest minds.

Bohra Sisters: A Sisterly Upholding Of The Good Old Days

Bohra Sisters take you through the lanes of their lives which are hella relatable! The gramophone, the flavoursome chuski, the lonely letter box, the lalten to the rescue days are some recurring symbols that are unmissable. Bohra Sisters through their videos infuse a sense of homecoming.

Chitrakathi Painting of Karnataka: The Hidden Treasure That Need Efforts to Preserve

Native to the parts of Karnataka Chitrakathi Painting is still practised and is nurtured with great joy over there. Paintings depicting scenes from the great epics like Rmamyan and Mahabharat are the ones that are widely praised.

Culture of Rajasthan : Exploring the Vibrant Tradition, Art, Music, Food and Festivals

Culture of Rajasthan remains engraved in the comparatively modern lifestyle of people. Great dynasties like those of the Rajput and the Marathas have contributed to the diverse and rich history of the state.

The Exuberant Art Forms of Karnataka That Will Leave You Enchanted

The art forms of Karnataka are quite distinct from any other state in India. The difference is evident in their costumes, make-up, narration, dialogue, plot, and performance. Most of the art forms of Karnataka narrate stories from the Indian epics.

Traditional Dresses of Karnataka: Reflecting The Beauty of Kannada Culture

The beautiful traditional dresses of Karnataka embodies the rich culture and heritage of the region. Their traditional dresses are adorned and appreciated all over the country as they are delicate, pretty, and intricate.

12 Martial Arts of India that are Deep Rooted in the Culture of India

Here is taking a look at some of the traditional martial arts of India. Each of these is not only a holistic art form on its own, but also, is reflective of practices of its place of origin. In other words, these martial arts are rooted in the culture of the land from where they come.

Festivals of Nagaland to Experience the Best of North East Culture

Nagaland is a land of many tribe and cultural diversity, and the festivals of Nagaland beautifully portray the harmony and vibrancy of this state. Here is a journey through the numerous and diverse festivals that are part of Nagaland.

Urdu Language: The Origin, Histories and Integration in Indian Culture

Urdu language continues to be an integral part of the Indian culture and linguistics. It is widely spoken in many parts of the country. Some of the states where it is predominantly spoken include Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra. 

10 Books on Indian Art that Every Artist Must Read

Indian Art is acclaimed to be one of the greatest, and the skilled artists of India are lauded in books on Indian Art by renowned historians and artists.

Mohini – A Painting Prodigy

Mohini’s works cover a range of areas, including nature depictions, portraits, abstract paintings to still life. “I keep switching between genres, styles and themes to keep my work dynamic,” notes the artist, as she enthusiastically talks about her interest.

The Coconut Diaries: A Quintessential Part Of The Indian Culture

A glimpse into the beautiful benefits of coconut and all the byproducts that have shaped the culture, heritage, demographic, and gastronomy of India.

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