While we wanted to drift away in the vast ocean of information in cyberspace, our main contributors asked us the most pertinent question… “Where is Caleidoscope heading to…” Baffled by this intriguing question, we set out to answer a set of Frequently Asked Questions to clarify doubts of our readers.

5Ws & 1H on C-scope

What is Caleidoscope?

Caleidoscope.in is a cultural magazine that intends to collect interesting experiences and unique information on niche subjects such as Eco IdeasOffbeat Travel, Alternative Lifestyle, Volunteering, Design, Art & Culture, Nostalgiphilia, etc. Just like a Kaleidoscope which fascinates you with new design every time you view it, we would like to offer a different and interesting take on everyday life and a first time view of undiscovered aspects of life as well.

Who is behind C-scope?

Levine Lawrence and Nagaraj are the originators who created this online cultural magazine. Other core team members are: Trisha B, Devangini M.

We aspire to cover each topic in a unique manner where the author’s personal thoughts on the subject are more crucial than just factual narration. We seek experts to write on topics that they have dealt with for years; we also want total amateurs who have no clue about a subject and yet would have an opinion on it!

 Why C-scope?

In the rapid fast pace of our lives, we are losing some essential aspects which we can reminisce only when they have become faded memories. The primary reason of setting up C-scope is to compile and preserve those endearing aspects of our lives which would soon become nostalgia. So C-scope aims to be an adda (den) for Nostagliphiliacs! Being connected to the past does not mean we are disconnected with the future. It will also be a repository of new sparkling ideas that can inspire others to emulate. That’s why our motto is “pinch of jazz, loads of nostalgia!”


C-scope believes that anyone who leads an alternative lifestyle or observes life in a different manner can write about it from any part of the world. So we can cover any aspect from across the globe, but as of now, we would like to focus on India. We aspire to mould Indians into Global Indians who are comfortable leading a life anywhere in the world, but imbibe the Indian spirit of “live and let live”.

When did it start?

The origin of the idea came about when the core team was touring Nepal in December 2007. There in places like Thamel in Kathmandu and Pokhara, we met an eclectic set of people from across the globe, who had diverse opinions about everything under the sun. That’s when a thought came about on the need to compile these views in one repository for posterity.

How to contribute?

Anyone who is interested to write about their personal experience of a unique aspect of life can send us their topic through the ‘Write for us’ link. The story should essentially a personal account written in simple plain English.

We hope these basic FAQs clear most of your doubts. For further details, check the ‘About Us’ page or mail us at info[at]caleidoscope.in