Tips On How to Balance College and Work as a Foreign Student



Foreign students have to face twice as many challenges compared to regular students. Why? They have to move to a new place, settle in, face a culture shock, and above all, they don’t know the language. It makes coping with work and college life tough, so we are here with some tips.

Go for a Flexible Job

You might be ambitious and need income to cater to your everyday expenses; trust us, we understand the struggle. However, you must also keep in mind that you have committed to your studies. You have to strike the correct balance to keep your sanity and excel in both aspects. 

Yes, always consider a job you like, but you also need to know that demanding jobs with late-night shifts are not in your favor. You can’t pull all-nighters and then concentrate in class in the morning. Go for jobs that offer flexible timings like afternoon shifts or a position that you can pull on weekends. 

That way, you won’t have to compromise on your education and earn to make ends meet. It is a fantastic opportunity for international students because they don’t always have enough funds to meet their basic needs. College and working are both pretty demanding, and you need to give your best shot to both of them.

Have a Proper Schedule

Without a plan or a schedule, you will feel completely lost. You can’t juggle things during the day without knowing what’s next. It will be bad for your mental and physical health because it causes much strain on your mind, nor will you finish any task properly.

Yes, you can buy college research papers to eliminate one added burden because it might be the most challenging one if you’re an international student. You can also get research paper from reputed services, just pay for essay at EssayPro and get the research papers done. However, other tasks like jobs, classes, and social life need to be planned enough to help you enjoy everything. 

A schedule will keep you on track and remind you of the following important activity that you need to finish. Here is how you need to plan it all out:

  • Note down all your pending tasks for the day;
  • List them in the order of priority and urgency;
  • Now, check if there is a clash in time for any of these;
  • If there is, try to talk to your employer for flexible timings or your teacher to enroll you in a different class;
  • Finally, fix all essential things in a particular spot to finish them on time without confusion.

It will help you learn how to balance work and college far better than anything else you try!

Be Stingy with Your Time

You can’t waste your time here and there when there is so much on your plate. Stop and think like a rational adult. You’re already a college student and a foreigner who has a lot to learn about this new lifestyle, and you have to focus on your language skills, make money, and balance your social life in all of this. 

You can’t just sleep all day or be out late at night and party. There is more to life than that. You have to divide your time smartly. For example, working full-time in college isn’t an option because it eats up all your time, and you can’t study. 

You have to make sure you’re productive in the short bursts of time you get. If you’re studying, don’t overwhelm yourself. Take short breaks and continue. Have a snack, turn off your social media, and see how it works like a charm. If you avoid distractions and have incentives for yourself, you can do everything much faster than you anticipate.

Always remember that you’re in college and you need time to relax. If you use every second productively, you have plenty of time to relax and kick back and have fun with other people.

Put Your Health First

The thought of how to balance college and work can be scary for many international students. It causes a great deal of stress and can be detrimental to their health. So, you must always stay away from anxiety if you want to make sure your body and mind function properly. 

You have to remain mentally and physically fit to multitask. Have a proper sleep schedule. Get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every day and have a healthy breakfast in the morning. It keeps your memory strong, helps you feel fresh, and strengthens your immune system!

If you don’t feel healthy and are constantly falling sick or are sleep-deprived, there is no way you can finish your assignments or get through the hours of work with ease. Be kind to yourself, and you indeed have to do your best and have plenty of experience before you step into professional life, but it should never come at the cost of your health.

Honesty is the Best Policy

If you’re confused about how to go to college and work part-time, a solution is to talk to your boss. We don’t mean to have personal conversations; it still has to be professional. However, you should be clear about your availability and the effort you can put into work while focusing on your education side-by-side.

You can state any concerns you have about your responsibilities at work and make sure you have a cordial relationship with your employer. Tell them how you are shuttling between work and college, so they don’t expect something out of the box and always appreciate the hard work you put into your job.

Working full-time and going to college will be too demanding for you, so be clear with your employer that you will be a part-timer. Constantly update them about the progress of your work. Always make sure you don’t overextend your ability. If a task is too much for you, seek help from your co-workers. It is great to gain experience, be on good terms with people, finish every job with quality, and study.

It is a perfect way to be honest about your education and job. You will feel mentally relaxed if no one pressures you to finish a task because your boss knows your limitations.

These few tips can change your life. Instead of feeling tired and out of your mind, you feel fresh and motivated. Yes, multitasking is never easy, but at least you’ll have clarity and a sense of direction. You will notice a drastic change in all aspects of your life as everything falls in place.

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